A Portable stage is easy to build, that is how you could summarize the advantages of a mobile stage in a single sentence. There is a great variety and almost unlimited number of ways of using and building them. Easily and quickly built and dismantled, stored in extremely compact spaces in transport and storage trolleys. A mobile stage is the ideal base for versatile operations anywhere like artistic centers, theaters, city halls or sports venues, churches, schools, hotels or television sets – NexGen Portable stage offers multi functional and flexible uses for any place.

All system components can be combined with each other and are compatible with almost any third-party product. Over decades, a high level of quality, excellent durability and a wide range of accessories, extensions and spare parts will allow you to create a complete stage, outdoors, an orchestra stage or a grandstand from a few mobile stage units, step by step.

Using movable portable stage equipment, disco effect and protective floors allow the dramatic alteration of the environment of a place with simple means, either temporarily or permanently. Complemented with attractive textile decoration, such as curtains and blinds, any event is endowed with a very individual style.

Characteristics of NexGen Portable stage platforms

One of the main features of this section is that you have different platforms sizes that can be dismantled in different styles to choose. Depending on the event you are going to assemble, you should take a look at the main specs of each particular modular stage platforms to see if it is what you need.

In order to preserve the maximum unit during use, the legs that are in charge of supporting the entire weight of the structure have been made by considering the latest innovations in security. Also, they have a special lock to prevent any kind of involuntary movement.

Another advantage of these portable stage platform is that they are able to bear much weight without even being undisturbed; however, to keep up with safety recommendations, it will be of vital importance that you be informed about what maximum weight you are able to withstand and avoid overtaking it at any time.

You can find some of our removable staging systems with special features: for example, some have anti-slip paint that will avoid any kind of involuntary slip. You can also find some models that are fireproof.

At first, it may seem that the installation is quite complex and you, if you do not have too much knowledge about this, may come to think that you are not able to do so. By followin the instructions and having the right tools you can do it easily. Also, be sure, to meet the maximum safety conditions to avoid problems facing the future. A great section where you can find removable scenes at unrepeatable prices.


About NexGen Portable Stage

At Portablestage.co.uk our experienced team will take care of the construction, development and production in our facilities, taking care of the high level of quality and exigency of our products, which consequently comply with the most up-to-date technological systems and the relevant safety standards. All our products are approved quality test and comply with all current safety regulations.

There is a perfect solution for every event, for any purpose, for any budget - and we will find it for you! Put us to the test! Visit our online store to buy NexGen Portable stage. With our section of demountable stage platforms you will be able to celebrate any type of event in a very simple and practical way when working. Also, one of the great advantages of Portable stage is that you achieve an incredible quality of finishes and elegance that none of our competitors is able to reproduce in their industry. Make the most of your removable stage in our NexGen stage platforms catalog.


All the structures of our modular stages have been made with high-quality materials; light but very strong. It is the perfect choice so that you can take the structure to any part because of its lightweight.