What is this guide:

This is a set of tips for buying blinds from online resources and getting the best price for the look that you want.  This is not a guide to tell you everything you need to know about blinds, that would be pretty ridiculous, some would be able to write entire books.  No, this is how to search and what to search for.  It is hard to do research and be confident in your results on the web when you don’t know what is good or who is telling the truth.


Who is this Guide For:

Anyone who knows little about blinds, blind styles or hidden ways online companies try to get extra money while looking like the cheapest.  If you do not usually do a lot of research on the internet or buy things online this is definitely the right place for you too. The internet is like a mask and it attracts all kinds of different people, for good and for bad.


Some Simple Ideas to Keep in Mind:

1.If you are buying from a less reputable source such as an online community, usually buying used.  Follow the age old guide, “If it is too good to be true, it is”.  You will not find pristine used blinds online for a quarter of the price.  Those are lies.

2.You have the whole internet to look at, simply searching for “buy blinds” in your favorite search engine and you can find many of different stores then start exploring your buying options.

NOTE: try to keep your searches simple, only using a few keywords and talk like a “caveman”.

3.You will most likely be measuring for and installing the blinds yourself, so sometimes paying a little more for company that provide good customer service (i.e. letting you return wrong size or now that you think of it “ugly” blinds and getting new ones within days) can be well worth it.


Some Basic Styles You Need to Know:

Buying blinds online gives you an enormous variety of different styles and variations of each style you can now choose from.  I recommend that you search for images of each style I list below then just window shop a bit, this will make looking for blinds more fun and give you confidence that you chose a blind that will look good in your home.

● Venetian blinds

● Roman Shades

● Vertical Blinds

● Plantation Shutters

● Roller and double roller blinds

● Panel Glide blinds


Which Site You Should Buy From:

You most likely want to get the best bang for your buck, so try putting “cheap” or “budget” in front of the style you chose (i.e type “cheap venetian blinds” into your search engine).  Don’t be afraid to click on sites, it is free and fast.  There will most likely be a very wide range of prices and this is a good time to pay attention to what options are given and the price for different options.  Different sites have different selections another good reason to keep clicking on new sites until you feel comfortable with what you have seen.  

Another important thing to consider is testimonials and reviews on the site, make sure that they are good and you are buying from a reputable source.  Companies are not perfect so do not get discouraged if there are some bad reviews.  These can tell you things like if the pictures look like the what is sent to you, if the company has good customer service or if after buying the product the shipping was outrageous.