Before shopping online , make sure you read this safe online shopping tips article. Although online shopping is now a trend in our daily life, most of us do not realize or often underestimate the threat of cyber crime that can easily lurk without us knowing when we are busy ordering the latest model shoes.


Well, consider these tips online shopping is safe below:


Online shopping tips


1. Keep your operating system, browser and applications up to date


Without you being aware updates are really important to keep your device as well as online transactions that you do. Each new release usually brings additional fixes for each security hole. Most desktop operating systems will indeed update automatically, but there is no harm in you also make sure it yourself. As for apps, the app store will usually send notifications when updates are available.


2. Get to know the online store where you shop


We must have heard of scams in the online world. Phishing or action of obtaining personal information such as User ID, Password and other sensitive data by posing as an authorized person or organization through an email is increasing in the era of online shopping. Therefore make sure these things every time you want to shop on your favorite website:


Make sure the web name is written correctly in the address bar.

Find other customer reviews about the online store on third party sites.

Always check back the address and contact details of the online store is indeed there.

Make sure the site uses the 3DS verification feature for all bookings using a credit card. This feature enables two-stage verification where you have to verify online transactions by sending the keamaan code to your personal number.

3. Make sure your connection is secure


In the upper left corner, always check if there is a green locked lock icon in the browser address field. This sign indicates that a website meets strict security standards to protect your data. Ever heard of a fraud case that makes a woman lose millions of Rupiah from credit card due to online shopping in one of e-commerce web ? Surely you do not want to experience the same thing right? If you use Opera browser, malware  and fraud protection will automatically warn you if a site is considered malicious.


4. Keep your personal information private


Never share sensitive information like your password or PIN number. Check the terms and conditions of online shopping sites to find out what policies they set with respect to your personal data. Always think twice before sharing your email address, phone number or mailing address. Check back the site to see if the site has a specific purpose to use your personal data.


5. Use VPN services to keep your personal data secure


The best way to safeguard your personal data is to use a free and integrated VPN solution with your browser as you can find in the Opera browser for Computers. The VPN service creates, your connection is encrypted between your computer and the site you are visiting. If you use iOS you can also try free and unlimited VPN app from Opera, Opera VPN. You can use it to keep your Wi-Fi network, to change your IP address, or to work remotely on a corporate network.


Do you have any other tips? Let's give your tips in the comment field below!