Has signed an agreement with the United Nations to use air traffic to improve air quality, the global leader in new energy BYD immediately in nearly 4,000 meters of the world roof practice Sensor  its green commitment. Local time on September 21, BYD officially to India's Himachal Pradesh delivery of 25 8-meter K7 pure electric bus, marking India's first pure electric fleet officially put into commercial operation, and in one fell swoop to become the world's highest electric drive the highest level.

   BYD in India for the first time to achieve a fully localized design, procurement, production and other complete commercial operations, successfully rooted in the BRICS emerging markets. Including a number of local government officials, including Gurmukh Bali, Minister of Transport of Himachal Pradesh, senior high-level bus companies at the Himachal Pradesh and high-level visits from the BYD Group, and became the first experience after the ceremony BYD electric bus passengers. BYD is the only bidder in the only through all the test business, is the bid for the well-deserved champion. The Himalayama investment of 300 million rupees (about 30 million yuan), the first time in India throughout the introduction of electric buses for the full realization of traffic in 2030, India took the lead. K7 is used for the most important local tourist routes 'Manali - Luotang' operation, from the foot of Manali to the top Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor of the mountain 3980 meters above sea level Luo Tang, the whole line 51 km, about 6 hours. BYD electric bus perfect to adapt to the roof of the world steep slope terrain and low temperature and low pressure environment, the success of the local traffic operation department to win the trust and love.

   Himachal Pradesh is located in the northwest of India, is located in the south of the Himalayas, known as the 'mountain state', is India's famous tourist destination. In recent years, the increase in exhaust emissions from the Himachal Pradesh has led to an increase in the temperature and the gradual melting of the snow in the scenic area, which has seriously threatened the local ecological environment and tourism industry. To this end, the local tourism and transportation departments decided to introduce electric vehicles Speed Sensor to deal with the problem of environmental degradation. At present, BYD electric car footprint has been all over the world 6 continents, more than 50 countries and regions, more than 200 cities.