Cadillac CT6 with super cruise technology from the New York Cadillac headquarters issued to Los Angeles, California, across Sensor the United States 16 states and the Columbia area. The trip includes Cleveland, Ohio, Chicago, Illinois, Memphis, Tennessee, Dallas, Texas, Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Phoenix, Arizona. In the United States on the subway lane on the highway within the limited channel, the mileage has reached 13 million miles.

    Super cruise technology is Cadillac driving aids that frees the driver's hands from the steering wheel, and the Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor super cruise technology utilizes two advanced technology systems - the driver's attention to keep the system and precision laser radar map data.

    The ride across the nation, driving through the state signs that the super cruise technology will debut on the New York highway, the road was measured by the New York governor Temperature Sensor  Andrew Cuomo support, Cadillac won the New York unmanned vehicle test license.