August 25, 2017, SAIC GM Cadillac brand in 2017 Chengdu Auto Show announced that the Cadillac XT5 light hybrid models officially listed. Cadillac XT5 28E four-drive platinum version and 28E four-wheel drive leading, in the Cadillac type spectrum for the first time using intelligent light hybrid system, and with GM's latest 9-speed manual gearbox, two new models market price guide Unchanged, 28E four-wheel drive platinum version of 53.99 million, 28E four-wheel drive leading 47.99 million, will replace the cash XT5 28T four-wheel platinum version and 28T four-wheel drive lead. All models are upgraded Sensor to the Cadillac mobile Internet experience CUE, and the latest tenth generation OnStar Anji Star information communication system for consumers to open more forward-looking 'cloud' side of the service. The re-upgrade of the light-mix models further enriches the Cadillac XT5 family's product matrix, providing a more diverse choice for the pursuit of creativity and embracing new lifestyles.

   The new listing of the Cadillac XT5 28E models equipped with 90V high-pressure intelligent light hybrid system, in the start and stop, acceleration, uniform speed, braking four driving conditions can enhance the driving quality, to bring more fuel, faster, more smooth The control experience. The engine and the motor at the same time work to further enhance the energy output to accelerate faster and more quickly; uniform speed motor intelligent recovery of excess power, the higher performance is also on the next A brake Suction Control Valve to recover when the motor is not only bring energy recovery, while supporting the engine smooth torque; at the same time through the motor to participate in the engine power, the car quiet effect has been improved to further enhance the driving texture.

In line with the latest 9-speed tiptronic gearbox, the application of more than 60 generic patented technology, for the actual traffic requirements will be calibrated at 90 km per hour can be achieved 9 block switch, bring high performance and efficiency Can perfect unity. This gearbox can be lifted smoothly by increasing the number of gears in the middle and low speed sections so that the low speed teeth are more dense and can remain smooth while driving in frequent congestion. When the full acceleration is detected, the gearbox will Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor be Fast upshift, bringing a more accelerated experience on top of the ride. In addition, due to the built-in shift ETRS, after the engine stall, the gearbox will automatically enter the P block, simplify the operation steps, in the subtle show will be rhythmic daring ingenuity. Thanks to the intelligent mild hybrid system and the latest 9-speed tiptronic gearbox blessing, Cadillac XT5 light hybrid vehicle fuel economy has also been significantly improved, 100 km fuel consumption is only 7.9 liters.
   The new upgrade of the Cadillac mobile Internet experience CUE, the user interface is more simple and intuitive, interactive process optimization, while adding a new intelligent light-based hybrid system based on the unique interface, real-time power flow in the control of the electric power. And based on the 'cloud' as the center of the vehicle application, the owner can not only quickly and accurately access to authorized dealers and after-sales service sites and other service information, but also through the car infotainment application client online listening Temperature Sensor to Netease music, koala FM network Radio. Plus the tenth generation OnStar Anji Star information communication system provides one-on-one active care and seven categories of 22 intelligent services and four value-added services, Cadillac XT5 will bring a more intelligent car owners mobile life experience. In addition, the owner can also enjoy the Anjixing new users enjoy the courtesy, 5 years free use, including vehicle condition test report, dealer maintenance reminders, collision automatic help, vehicle data remote refresh, vehicle remote control and other Anji Star basic services.

   As a new member of the XT5 product matrix, Cadillac XT5 light hybrid models fully inherited the family's extraordinary strength: from the bold forward-looking design, Smart and spacious space, to the intelligent dual-clutch timely four-wheel drive system, the industry's first high-definition streaming media ESS II to strengthen the security strategy, and then to Bose? Centerpoint? Surround sound system, Bose? ANC active noise reduction system, such as more than 20 rich luxury configuration, and all reflect the new American SUV dare to create style. Cadillac XT5 light hybrid models to bring more comprehensive control over the feeling of feeling, in the senses into a more intelligent interactive experience, technology and ideas Speed Sensor to bring forward-looking and practical, innovative and reliable new American luxury experience to Belong to the city's driving experience, and urban creative elite together to create a new rhythm of life.