There are a lot of marketing efforts taken on a product or service for it to be accepted by their target markets. Along with these marketing efforts are analytical tools that best track which among them have the highest conversion rates when it comes to customers.


However, in this day and age, a lot of companies tend to focus on online impact and analysis. Some even forget that calls also shed light on the customer pains and gains as well as barriers to conversion to leads.


Call tracking for businesses might be what is lacking in giving you insight on how to convert leads to actual customers. Call tracking is basically similar to recording calls that your company takes and receives and analyzing the conversations that take place.


There are a number of benefits of having a call tracking software can give to your company.


First, on the customer side, it lets you listen to the conversations between your marketing team or customer service team and your leads. Being able to listen to the conversations gives you insight on what customers are looking for in your product and what makes them inquire more about it. Don’t get me wrong, online analytics also track other conversations in online platforms. However, most of them cannot track the ones happening on phones.


Second, on the marketing side, it gives you an idea on how your team relates to your leads. By knowing how they interact and market your product you will be able to identify how to further train and improve them or if there is a need for improvement at all. You will also be able to see which communication techniques are more effective in increasing conversion rates.


Lastly, call tracking for businesses shows you which of your marketing efforts are effective. Again, online software programs can do this for your online and offline efforts. It is just that call tracking gives you a firsthand experience since you will be able to hear directly from a lead.


Call tracking is proven to be effective; however, there are cases when you might not need it or it will not be beneficial to your company. This is when you are operating a small business and your main platform for communicating with leads and customers is online.


If you are operating a small business, buying a call tracking software could be an unnecessary expense. Moreover, if you do not have a telephone, or you do not accept calls from clients, then there is obviously no reason to get this. Also, there are businesses today that just use social media to reach out to their leads. This is perfectly okay and you can couple this with free tracking software such as Google Analytics and AdWords.