What Is An Emotion?

Many people believe that there is a chasm between emotions and feeling. Emotions involve an experience and its interpretation and perception, while feelings are the response to an emotion. Emotions have a physical and psychological component that bridges thought, actions, and feelings, even though they affect many aspects of a person and the person affects many aspects of their emotions. Remember that male and female slogan “men are from Mars and women are from Venus.” This slogan indicated that men and women are different, especially emotionally. 

Blame Male Emotions on the Amygdala

Men are not as emotionally verbal as women are, not due to spite or indifference, it's just that the inner architecture of the male brain just doesn't function that way. Researchers who have conducted scans on the male brain noticed significant differences in the behavior of the amygdala, which is the brain structure that helps regulate human emotions. The male amygdalas registered more with brain regions that were involved with what men could see and hear. In other words, men are a part of their surroundings, which is related to their primordial defenses as hunters and providers. The biggest difference between the male and female brain, is that men have a sexual aggressive area that is 2.5 times larger than a woman's. Also, men produce 20% to 25% more testosterone than they did during preadolescence. 

Being Emotionally In Touch 

The four basic emotions are anger, fear, happiness, and sadness. Out of these emotions, men have a tendency to hide their anger, fear, and sadness, because they feel as though they can cope on their own. When men repress their emotions, in only results in their withdrawal from loved ones, behaving recklessly, insomnia, anxiety, physical and mental health issues, and relationship problems. Sexual desires decrease when men are not emotionally in touch with their partners. 

Emotional Health 

A man, like a woman, experiences a “mind/body connection,” which means that when he is happy or stressed, his body will begin to show physical signs. Happiness brings about a healthier lifestyle and a better sex life. Negative emotions can bring about high blood pressure, sexual problems, lack of energy, weight gain, and many other poor health problems. Also, poor emotional health can weaken a man's immune system, so that he is more likely to get colds and other infections. 

Sex and Emotional Connections 

Sex has a deep emotional impact on men. Sex dominates a man's needs and desires. A man's ability to perform sexually, to arouse his significant other, is key to his confidence level and it impacts every other area of his life. Male sexual studies have concluded that the need to perform sexually is an emotionally fundamental need for men. Sexual activity for men of all ages, allows them to establish intimacy and to express their feelings for their partner. Male emotions focus on intimate and physical closeness because it takes more physical contact to meet a man's physical needs. When a man feels intimate, he is thinking of foreplay and physical time together. If a man is rejected, for whatever reason by a woman, he feels ignored because his physical needs are not being met. 


Even though men have the reputation for being emotionally stronger than women, they actually have stronger emotional reactions than women, they just don't show it. When an emotional problem arises, men are wired to use their analytical brain, rather than their emotional brain to find a solution. He is actually working to solve the problem so that he can relieve their partner's pain, which women take as an affront. A man's feelings, values and ideas about sexual stamina and development and sexual changes are ways that drive him sexually. His emotions and feelings, which can be interchangeable, affect his sexual desires, his sexual orientation issues, his body image, and his relationship with the opposite sex. A man's sexual orientation is a big part of the emotional and intellectual aspects of his sexuality, as well as a part of his social, cultural, physical, and interpersonal sexuality. Men have always had emotions, but his brain tells him to react to its occurrence in a problem to be solved effect. However, if a man and his partner feel a mutual respect, affection, and trust for one another, he is more likely to surrender his heart, soul, and body, to consider new and exciting experiences and techniques.