Cannabis cultivation fast track learning 
Anyone who first undertakes cannabis cultivation will always have a learning curve. No one can become an expert without going through this learning curve. When you are engaged in the cultivation of cannabis for long enough, you become an experienced person. This of course takes a considerable amount of time to acquire this experience. In this process you will notice that each genetic strain has its own growth pattern. You cannot say that you have known everything when you just try one genetic strain. 
The more exposed you are to various genetic strains and their cultivation the more experience you gain. Then over a period of time you will be in a position to handle easily even the new genetic strain cultivation without much struggle. The challenge here is that one should be extremely patient. If you are not patient then you will give up the cultivation process half way. 
However the good news is that you can speed up the process of learning. How to do that? Instead of trying one genetic strain after the other you should pick multiple genetic strains for the cultivation. Choose the mixes & collections option so that you can choose any genetic strain you like and order them in one shot. You will get to try multiple strains simultaneously. This will give you an amazing learning. 
It is possible to understand how different genetic strains behave for the same environmental conditions. You will know in a single attempt which genetic strains do well in your area and what kind of environmental conditions are required for multiple genetic strains. Take advantage of this approach and shift gears with your learning process. You can become an experienced cultivator of cannabis fast with this approach. So try to order cannabis from a trusted store that allows you to pick multiple genetic strains in smaller quantities. 
When you try just a single genetic strain such as kush strains you will know only about this genetic variety. If you are going to try one genetic strain after the other in this fashion, you will be spending all your life learning about the different genetic strains. 
Whether it is going to be just a single genetic strain or multiple genetic strains, do not rush to order your seeds until you have managed to screen multiple seedbanks. You will be able to gain the required experience and also enjoy reasonable success only when you get to order the best quality seeds. If the seeds are of substandard quality then you will not be able to understand the original characteristic traits of your cannabis strains. It there therefore vital to choose good quality cannabis seeds. When you carefully choose your seeds you will not only have better learning but you will also have good yield. 
Make wise choices when you are growing cannabis and give yourself adequate time to learn the cultivation process. Once you have gained general understanding of cannabis cultivation, you can use this experience for all the genetic strains that you cultivate in future.