Ford attaches great importance to the field of developers, not only in the Asia Pacific region and Africa to start the APP Developer Program (Ford Software Development Program), but also Sensor to provide the necessary software AppLink to GENIVI Alliance, becoming the first open source program of the American car company , Hoping to enrich its car infotainment system.

  Ford Motor Company said he was not a car company, but a technology company. Soon the car will be able to monitor the health of the human body, even when the driver is sick or sleep when he can take over the automatic driving car. The carmaker is even developing 'car ambulance', using some medical sensors to enable doctors to remotely monitor patients. At present, the initial model of the automotive system Speed Sensor has been tested in India, hope that the sensor can be well applied to consumer cars. Health diagnosis will be a new element in the car lifestyle, tested in the Indian Ford, the use of automotive electronic equipment for basic diagnosis, and feedback to the medical center. The car will become a mobile ambulance device with wheels, meanwhile, the company says the health sensor will apply to the daily driving model and also think of how to deal with the different conditions of the situation.

  Researchers test the car sensor system to show the driver when the seizures need to enter the safe driving mode or stop. In addition, Ford has developed smart sensors for built-in sensors, steering Throttle Position Sensor wheels and seat belts. The infrared sensor on the steering wheel can monitor the driver's palm temperature changes, and a downward infrared sensor mounted on the hand brake lever can measure the temperature inside the vehicle, thus effectively changing the driver's body temperature. There is also a sensor implanted seat for assessing the patient's breathing frequency.

  Sakhalan also hinted that the company is developing an autopilot car, but the next decade is unlikely to be available in large quantities. The concept of automatic driving car is what many people expect, Ford has been studying for many years, now has adaptive cruise control, automatic parking function, the future will continue to introduce more automatic function. It is expected that the real autopilot will be available ten years later.

  Hope that in the future, you can call an unmanned car, safely carrying you to any place you want to go. This unmanned car will be intuitive to take the fastest path, to avoid Pressure Switch the construction section, paid tolls, parking, all of its own to. In the traffic jam period, your car will be asked to pass the rate (so that you can arrive on time destination.