Check the two cars drive three hundred, four-wheel drive received more than three hundred, this sale is also very good! Seized the staff of the garage, all like a uncle, poor service attitude, like owning them how much money like. Every year someone calls to cancel Sensor the annual inspection of the car, but it is not canceled. This is my car yesterday in the WeChat friends circle made a post, issued soon after a lot of thread and comments.

A friend who does not know where to live: people never feel that this is the 'service', called 'management'! How can managers be polite to the manager? Power to rent still what attitude? The United States two friends also sent a post, one said: the United States is qualified to repair the car can be seized, the cost is 37 knives. Another friend said: Weak weak to add: the United States part of the state, such as New York, qualified private car dealers can be seized, good service, do not line up, but the opportunity to pick the eggs, be sure Suction Control Valve to find a problem, Other states, such as Indiana, unified management by the government, set points, free, but to long lines. I am a long time to enjoy a free annual inspection, the first time in New York experienced a private car annual inspection, living to exploit the $ 1,000. Miss the Indiana public ownership!

   Owners every year to check a car, spend money do not say, plainly without this humiliation! This must be true! I came back after the collection of information, query information, really do not check do not know, a look surprised.

1, why must the vehicle inspection? What is the role of the owner in addition to the cost of collecting the owner?

2, if the vehicle must be annual inspection, around the car inspection costs why not the same? What is the charge? What is the cost of inspection?

3, the detection plant by the Government designated testing plant, whether the tender Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor publicity? Did not go through the tender notice, why do you think a test plant with vehicle testing qualifications?

4, why can not refer to foreign experience, by car dealers test car? Beijing, if not only more than 40 testing plant, but all car dealers can check, not both through market competition to reduce the cost of inspection, but also reduce the queue time owners to improve the service level of the test plant?

 In the existing annual inspection system of the car, the benefits of transport is certain, the probability of corruption is also certain that such a not legitimate and unreasonable system, to the time must be completely reformed!