Car maintenance Many owners first thought is the engine, tire, brake system, and car chassis maintenance is easy to be ignored by the owner, car chassis maintenance is directly related Sensor to the car handling, comfort, security, it can be said that the car chassis is To ensure that the overall performance of the car an important part of its maintenance can not be taken lightly.

   For the car, the chassis to ensure the safety of vehicles and owners. Vehicles in the process of driving, the road splashing gravel continue to impact the chassis, the original rust on the chassis layer was gradually destroyed, the metal exposed to the outside. Summer, daytime surface of the high temperature so that the chassis hot exception, the evening atmosphere of the moisture slowly corroded the temperature down after the contraction of the car. Damage to the chassis will further threaten the normal use of other parts: steering damage, oil spills, chassis deformation, the overall structure of the loose, will give traffic to bring security risks. General new car factory will spray anti-rust primer, but after a while or will slowly oxidize. Once the chassis parts Suction Control Valve  rust corrosion, it will lead to loose vehicle structure, bringing security risks, and many traffic accidents caused by the chassis loose.

   Chassis in the daily maintenance of the most important thing is rust. Rainy weather, a lot of mud splashed on the car chassis, it is difficult to clean, the chassis will be eroded oxidation, rust. Owners in the car chassis anti-rust treatment, should choose a professional car beauty center to do. Because the professional equipment can be thoroughly cleaned the chassis. Done anti-rust care of the chassis in the high-pressure water after washing almost no water drops, this effect is on behalf of the 'genuine' care, can play a very good anti-rust protection effect. In addition, the owner should pay attention to is done anti-rust care do not use alkaline cleaning fluid, such as washing powder, washing Ling Chong Temperature Sensor and other washing body and chassis, will affect the rust effect, shorten the rust time. Regular long-distance travel owners can regularly carry out professional vehicle chassis care.

   The market is more popular chassis protection measures is the chassis armor, is to install the car chassis solid armor, which is indeed the protection of the car chassis bare parts of the only way. Professional chassis armor is a special kind of elastic colloidal material sprayed on the car chassis, the chassis and the hub of the top of the noise parts completely wrapped up, the natural consolidation of the chassis after the formation of protective layer, can reduce the impact of sand damage , Anti-corrosion rust. Chassis armor can also play a better sound insulation.

  Not all vehicles need to do chassis armor, often running on a better road there is no need to install. In general, the chassis armor construction process requires a higher. First, the staff will remove the tire, brake pads and other chassis accessories, the bottom of the vehicle thoroughly cleaned; the chassis of residual impurities washed, the staff will dry the chassis of the water, and then spray the shell with Pressure Switch flexible plastic Material, thus protecting the chassis. But the chassis armor on the professional requirements are very high, so the owner to choose a regular service shop.