We look at the car's design, is to see three dimensions, front face, rear and side. Look at these three dimensions can know what kind of car design. While the side of the proportion of the design, for the vehicle's temperament played a key role. Through the car Sensor side of the design ratio can determine whether the car is biased towards bias or bias movement.

  Car body side is generally divided into three parts, the front and rear of the entire body to occupy a certain proportion. When the length of the front length of the car length of 25%, or shorter than 25%. Then this model is to emphasize the ride space, comfortable, moderate models. Higher than 25%, will reflect the atmosphere, the luxury side. The proportion of the rear to 12% of the demarcation point, the shorter the rear, the more the visual feeling Pressure Sensor of movement, the longer the words, gives the feeling is calm atmosphere. Said the proportion is only the visual, the actual situation will be based on the different models of each error.

  Once the old-fashioned Sonata, listed in 2005, it is the best embodiment of a model of the design of the proportion of moderation. From the side, the length of the front is 25%, the rear is 12.5%. The front and rear proportions are just 2: 1. So it gives the impression that the atmosphere is calm, and now many administrative level of the car is the proportion of such design. But the new Sonata, the proportion has changed. The length of the front is reduced by 1% and the rear is shorter. So its interior space actually get ABS Sensor a certain degree of amplification. At the same time short tail gives the movement of the light of the image.

  Modern luxury models Launce's side, because it is already C-class car positioning, so the body size is larger, the internal space is not a problem. And the proportion of the front is also greater, to 28%, giving the impression of luxury. While the proportion of the rear also reached 12%, which will not give people the feeling of movement. The overall proportion is the administrative level of the standard. So, no matter how the shape of the car changes. As long as the positioning of the car is calm atmosphere, then the proportion of the body will generally not change. This is the proportion of the new side of the Czech Republic, and the old models exactly the same.

  Czech Republic EQ900, South Korea's highest level of executive cars, its body is also the proportion of 28%, 12% of the rear. And the use of this ratio, giving calm atmosphere of the car, but also gives a heavy feeling. From a visual point of view, you will feel that it is slightly bulky body will bring higher fuel consumption. So in order to make the car both look calm, and not so cumbersome. Designed to the new Tynes and EQ900 designed a sharp side of the waist line. If the rear part of more than 12%, what would it be? It was listed in 1992, Hyundai Ya respect, its rear ratio reached 17%. Visual length of the rear and the front Speed Sensor are almost the same. Giving a very conservative impression. The eighties and nineties cars usually give people the impression, such as the year of Santana, Jetta. Are this type. But with the trend of the young car, so the rear part of the car longer and less.

  In the current new Ya respect, we see the former 28%, after 12% of the body ratio. This is a relatively luxurious, and take into account the design of some lightweight sports. But taking into account it is B + level models, its rear part is still less than 12%. Kia Stinger, can see the designer both want it to luxury, and want it to exercise. So it uses the front 26%, the rear 7% of the ratio. Its design is already a coupe models. Geely Brewery, hatchback design makes you think Borui is not a size has gone beyond most of the B-class car models, and gives a light impression. But in fact the quality of Borui is very high.

  In recent years, domestic cars, sports style is also popular, observe the body shape, the front of the proportion of the decision of the nature of the vehicle is the center of the performance or space as the center, the proportion of the rear Throttle Position Sensor of the car is determined the style is light Sports or conservative, whether it is a compact car or a medium-sized car. Compact car, Honda Civic is a typical representative. It is significantly shorter than the rear of a lot. This highlights the positioning of their own movement. Visually lighter.