Car fuel consumption has been more concerned about the matter, many owners will encounter such a situation: the more open the more familiar, can be fuel consumption is getting higher and higher! Fuel consumption may be this part Sensor in the trouble - spark plug! The spark plug is the main part of the oil and gas mixture that ignites the cylinder (the diesel engine is ignited without spark plugs). If the engine is the heart of the car, then the spark plug is the engine heart 'pacemaker', its poor performance or aging, will inevitably lead to engine fatigue, fuel consumption increased.

  The combustion of the cylinder is sufficient, the spark plugs play a large role, but also the fuel consumption has a great impact, if there is part of the spark plug does not work, fuel consumption will fuel metering valve be greatly increased. For example, a 4-cylinder engine car, if there is a cylinder on the spark plug condition is not good or not work, fuel consumption will increase by more than 30%.

   Some of the driver friends, but like the ordinary spark plug as a long life spark plug to use, that use the longer the spark plug the better, it is not true, they sacrifice is high energy consumption.

Spark plug working environment is very bad, it is in the engine cylinder, long time by the high temperature, high pressure gas rapid quenching ablation, coupled with the loss of the electrode itself, its performance will continue to decline, especially its insulator porcelain pieces, insulation significantly decreased , Caused by the use of high-voltage breakdown of the mixture, from the insulator porcelain pieces 'copied near the road', resulting in electricity. Often replace Temperature Sensor the spark plug, always keep the spark plug in a good working condition.

How do I check if the spark plug needs to be replaced?

1. Replacement according to the life of the spark plug. On the current commonly used spark plug is divided into resistance spark plug, platinum spark plug and iridium spark plug. In general, the resistance spark plug life of 20,000 km, platinum spark plug life of 40,000 km, while the iridium spark plug life can reach 6 to 80,000 km.

2. Remove the spark plug and check to see if the color of the burner, the gap of the electrode, the gap between the porcelain body and the metal case, and so on.

In addition to the spark plug, but also pay attention to these affect the car fuel consumption parts:

1. Throttle, to always check the pollution of the situation, timely cleaning, to prevent carbon deposition or dust;

2. Sensors, especially with the oil supply, gas supply and temperature, speed and other related sensors to ensure that the computer to obtain the right fuel supply information, and always maintain the timing, adequate to provide economic and efficient fuel;

3. High-voltage lines, ignition coil, to ensure that insulation is not aging, always provide sufficient breakdown voltage for the spark plug;

4. often check and maintain the blacksmith line, in fact, 70% of the car out of the fault in the ABS Sensor blacksmith contact bad, due to bad wire, the same spark plug ignition or the car's fuel supply system is poor, causing the ignition when the ignition Bad, not in place, the supply of fuel when the supply is not on or should not be repeated when the supply, resulting in fuel waste;

5. Fuel the electronic pump to ensure that it always has enough pump oil pressure;

6. The fuel supply part of the dual fuel vehicle must always be in good condition.

In short, with the fuel to ensure that the fuel cylinder can be fully burned in the relevant parts, should be regular or regular maintenance, so as to ensure that the engine Throttle Position Sensor fuel consumption is normal, economical and not waste.