Many parts of the vehicle are constantly worn during the operation of the vehicle. Routine maintenance is limited to three filters, oil, brake pads, spark plugs and so on. Many parts are likely to fail unexpectedly if they do not pay attention Sensor to inspection and maintenance. Hidden danger. As the saying goes, 'small holes do not fill, big hole hardship'.

  Many people know that the spark plug to be replaced regularly, but ignoring the maintenance of other parts of the ignition system, high voltage line is one of them. In the engine running, high voltage lines are often tens of thousands of volts of high voltage pulse current, because of its long work in high temperature, dusty, vibrating environment, inevitably to aging or even damage. Therefore, it is the same as the spark plug, but also need to always check the replacement parts. Now a lot of repair workers were dubbed the 'loading and unloading workers', meaning only for parts, not maintenance. In fact, some components as long as the provisions of maintenance, its life Temperature Sensor can be greatly extended, the generator is one of them. In general, when the vehicle traveling 60000 ~ 80000km, it should repair the generator bearing. Brake disc and brake pads are a pair of friction pairs, the brake pads are worn, the brake disc will have some wear and tear, but many people in the maintenance of vehicles only pay attention to replace the brake pads, but often overlooked to replace the brake disc. Brake plate over-wear the consequences are very serious, in general, after the brake plate replacement 2 to 3 times, the brake disc should also consider replacement.

  In addition to the very few important electrical connectors on the car with gold contacts, the rest of the majority of joints are used copper-zinc alloy, under normal circumstances, its reliability is guaranteed, but if the vehicle long-term high temperature, high Wet, bumpy environment, these joints are likely to produce loose, rust, bad contact and other failures, and some unexpected electrical problems are mostly produced. Therefore, in routine maintenance, should focus on checking the car on the computer, sensors, fuel injectors Speed Sensor and other components of the joints. From the point of view of use, the chassis components are actually more prone to problems than the engine, but in routine maintenance, many people often overlook the inspection of the chassis components.

The following parts of the chassis are prone to failure. After the damage of the jacket, the vehicle will be deviated, pendulum and a series of failures, even if the four-wheel positioning also to no avail, if carefully check the chassis, coat damage is easy to be found. Leakage is a harbinger of damage to the shock absorber. In addition, driving on bumpy roads, vibration is significantly increased, or the braking distance is longer, and it is a sign of damper damage. It is necessary to carefully check this part of the routine maintenance; check the method is to hold the lever, forced shaking, if there is no shaking, it shows that everything is normal, otherwise, on the Replace the ball or rod assembly. Exhaust pipe is one of the most vulnerable components of the chassis, maintenance should pay special attention, especially with three Throttle Position Sensor catalytic converter exhaust pipe, should be carefully checked. Universal joint dust cover not only dust effect, but also to prevent the loss of grease around the universal joint, dust cover once damaged, grease will soon be lost, resulting in dry grinding, universal joints are easy to damage.