One of the trends in electronic products is that the operation is getting simpler, and several buttons can even finish the settings you want. However, the operation is simple does not mean Sensor  that you can treat sloppy, daily use and maintenance when a little snack, can greatly extend the navigation life.

   After the end of the use of such a shutdown order to follow: first close the page, and then shut down, and finally unplug the plug. Some car owners easy to use, straight out the plug, never shut down, this is easy, but a long time easy to damage the electronic components. The machine used the first three times the best charge about 10 hours, so that the battery power to Suction Control Valve  maximize the play out. First start the car, plug the cigarette lighter power supply. After the end of the navigation unplug the cigarette lighter, the next car launched and then plug in, this will help protect the battery, extend battery life. Do not let the navigation screen touch sharp objects.

  Portable navigation do not put a long time under the sun exposure, the greater the temperature difference will not only affect the navigation battery life but also affect the LCD screen Temperature Sensor touch sensitivity. After the end of the use of the best to close up, do not put a prominent position in the car, so that provoke thieves.