There are owners to reflect the car in the process of running jitter often occurs, but look at the vehicle, always do not know where the problem is. Oil instability to replace Sensor the fuel pump and gasoline filter, but the car is still not smooth up.
   It is recommended that if you have cleared the engine carbon deposition, washed the throttle, replaced the oil pad and spark plugs, etc., still found the idle body when the body jitter. You can ask the professionals to check the fuel supply pressure and the intake pressure sensor is normal, if the oil pump pressure is not normal or intake pressure sensor value is wrong and poor work will lead to body jitter. Cold start or empty after the car jitter phenomenon, the most fundamental reason is the poor combustion inside the cylinder. Ignition capacity is low, the car cold Suction Control Valve start when faced with the first problem is low temperature. At low temperatures, the fuel is not well atomized and the fuel needs a higher ignition capacity. The car for a long time to use, spark plugs wire gap easily become larger, resulting in decreased energy ignition.

Naturally the power of the car is affected, jitter occurs. Should check the spark plug, high voltage wire and ignition coil working conditions, the ignition system is working poorly, spark plugs flashing the same situation will lead to such failure. Spark plug is too much carbon if it is recommended to replace the spark plug. When the engine inside the excessive carbon deposition, the cold start fuel injection fuel will be a lot of carbon deposition, resulting in cold start of the mixture is too thin, making the start difficult. Wait until the carbon absorption of carbon saturation, it is easy to car. The lower the temperature, the greater the amount of oil required for cold start, the more the presence of carbon deposition Pressure Sensor will affect the success of cold start. The engine's shock absorber system, the engine feet responsible for absorbing the engine in the running when the fine jitter. If there is a problem with the engine feet, these vibrations will reach the steering wheel, the cab, causing jitter when idle. There are many reasons for car jitter, when the body shake, we must be excluded, so as not to leave driving safety risks.