Wrought iron fences are much sought after by those looking for an elegant appearance for their home.  Through media of all forms, from literature describing stately mansions to movies that show them as surrounding the most mysterious and elegant of stories, wrought iron fences are an addition that can provide a dignified and distinguished air to your home.  However, failure to take care of your wrought iron fence can turn a beautiful adornment into a rusting mess that’s an embarrassment.  Take heart! We’re going to provide you with a few methods of taking care of your fence so it remains regal and stunning for years to come.  

1. Protect Your Fence

Natural elements can cause lasting damage to iron fences, especially rain and humidity.  If you live in an arid environment it’s not going to be much of an issue, but in wetter climates, it’s a major concern.  Waxes are available to take care of your fence and prevent rusting.  One other concern is the chlorinated water from pools and the constant air of humidity that surrounds them, in this environment, you’ll want to use a sealant more durable than wax. 

2. A Paint Job Can Work Wonders

If you’re ok with hiding the natural colors and texture of natural wrought iron, you can use paint to help protect them.  We’ve seen white wrought iron, but wrought iron painted black is far more common and helps to compliment the color of the fence itself.  Powder coats are a common option, and come in a variety of colors and textures. 

3. Maintenance Includes Cleaning

Rust and oxidation isn’t the only issues your fence can face, dirt caking on the fence can aid in corrosion so regular washing is necessary.  On a warm hot day wash it down with a hose and some gentle detergent, and then let it dry completely.  This will keep it looking its best and help drive off corrosion. 

4. Regular Inspections Keep An Eye On Trouble

Wrought-iron fences can face some serious problems as they age, including unstable footings, cracks that let moisture and corrosion causing dirt to get in, and other forms of damage including chipped paint.  When you find damage like this take immediate steps to repair it so it doesn’t have a chance to get worse. 

5. Rust Is An Opening To Serious Damage

Rust creates vulnerabilities in your fence and requires immediate attention.  Using steel wool you can remove the existing rust, and then apply wax to the newly cleaned portion to prevent further corrosion.  If things are severe, you’re going to need a professional to come out and help restore your fence.  

These are just a few simple steps to maintaining your wrought iron fence, and by paying attention to these details you’ll be able to keep your fence in pristine condition for years to come.  If the damage gets severe, you’re going to want to engage the services of a professional company to handle it so your fence can keep adding value to your home. If you need to reach out to a professional fence company, visit http://fencingprosperth.com.au.