STMicroelectronics two central airbag crash sensors and peripheral impact sensors. The product and airbag system chip and security microcontrollers constitute the overall balloon electronic program, can support the most demanding automotive applications. AIS1120SX single axis Sensor and AIS2120SX dual axis 120g in-plane MEMS accelerometer for installation in the Airbag Control Unit (ACU), the control unit is used to evaluate the sensor data and trigger the corresponding safety restraint system.

    Each sensor has two independent sensing channels, redundant detection, and integrated slow and fast outage cancellation and accurate temperature compensation, the stability of the best level. Built-in power-on self-test ensures reliability and runtime diagnostics, helping the developer to design the required functional safety level. Both sensors provide a standard 400Hz signal bandwidth, the user can overclock to 1600Hz.
    STMicroelectronics has about 1,000 MEMS-related patents and patent applications worldwide, providing advanced technology benefits to integrate accurate mechanical sensing units and 3.3V-compatible voltage interface chips Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor in the same package with 14-bit digital SPI outputs. The operating temperature range of the AIS1120SX and AIS2120SX sensors is extended to -40 ° C to 105 ° C and is packaged in SOIC8 integral disposable plastic.
    The new AIS1120SX or AIS2120SX central crash sensor is equipped with a peripheral crash accelerometer, such as the AIS1200PS installed on the shock absorber and the posture, to allow automotive airbag system manufacturers to meet all the requirements for system functional safety. The sensor interacts with the airbag system chip and the safety microcontrollers to coordinate the firing process of the airbag.
    Airbag system chip has three products, namely L9678, L9679 and L9680, from low-end car, to have a number of airbag detonation circuit of high-end cars to meet all the technical requirements of the car level. System chip integrated system power management, sensor interface, switch interface fuel metering valve and trigger safety logic, responsible for decoding the sensor data processing, and processing results sent to the microcontroller.

    Based on the 32-bit Power Architecture, STMicroelectronics' SPC5 family of automotive-grade microcontrollers has a secure product line that provides single-core and up to 1MB of flash memory. Multiple DSPI (Deserial Serial Peripheral Interface) channels help optimize system and diagnostic control processes. In addition, the fault acquisition control unit Temperature Sensor and the built-in self-test provide safety assurance for the development of automotive safety integrity levels.