The second generation of CX-5 total of 8 models, with 2.0L, 2.5L two sets of 'Chong Chi blue sky' high compression ratio engine power combination, while providing six kinds of appearance color for consumers to choose. Mazda CX-5 since the 2012 domestic market, with dynamic modeling and series Mazda black technology, in the compact SUV market performance Sensor is considerable. The last two years, with the upgrading of consumer structure, people's demand for more and more refined products. In this context, Changan Mazda opened from the 'product-oriented' to 'user-oriented' transformation.

   With the new Mazda3 into the market and by the young consumer groups love, Changan Mazda in the product on the road to take a successful step. Now, the arrival of the second generation Mazda CX-5, then further promote the transformation of Changan Mazda transformation. Mazda in the design concept, 'soul moving' design has long been the design of the enterprise logo and brand DNA. The second generation of CX-5 is not in the previous generation on the basis of modeling to do a simple change, but to start again, the 'soul moving' design concept further sublimation. The core language of the second generation CX-5 is set to 'Refined toughness', which strives to focus on the lean and atmospheric appearance. From the side of the body, a sharp line through fuel metering valve the head and tail direction of the full line of the vehicle to show the speed of light to accelerate the speed of the front.

   The second generation CX-5's front face design is the finishing touch. In addition to slender LED intelligent headlamps, the use of three-dimensional structure of the forward gas barrier metal texture bursting. The new Mazda flying wing logo out of the ring, the wheel uses a three-dimensional structure of the cutting, while using polished, so that the wheels and the changes in the body to form a perfect contrast effect. At the same time in the car waist to join the chrome trim, so that the second generation of CX-5 overall has a sense of quality and luxury beyond the same level. In order to achieve a more vivid sensory visual effects, following the 'soul of the red', the second generation of CX-5 once again innovative launch of the 'Crystal soul red Soul Red Crystal' color. The new color through the body lines to suppress the performance of Yang, so that the light mapped to the body changes, giving a visual sense of elegance. Compared with the 'soul of red', the saturation of the new color increased by 20%, the concentration increased by 50%. In addition to Temperature Sensor the design to give exquisite, stylish sensory experience, the interior design, the second generation of CX-5 also returned to Mazda 'people-oriented' design layout. Will be harmonious and unified aesthetic style and simple and practical integration, and strive to bring the driver a sense of quality and pleasure.

  'Passenger pleasure sublimation' is the second generation of CX-5 upgrade the core of innovation. Adhering to the 'people-oriented' philosophy of development, the second generation CX-5 from the powertrain to control performance, quiet and so on a full range of temper. Equipped with a 'blue sky SKYACTIV-G' ultra-high compression than the direct injection gasoline engine. 2.0L, 2.5L displacement engines are equipped with concave top piston, mixed gas porous fuel injection system and innovative 4-2-1 exhaust system. Match with the power system is 'Chong Chi blue sky' 6-speed automatic / manual gearbox, automatic transmission at the same time with a direct sense of direct and smooth start to accelerate the performance. Mazda's global 'GVC acceleration vector control system' will also be fully equipped with the second generation CX-5 all models. In the SUV models, GVC system effect Speed Sensor is more obvious, the body of the reaction and stability easily and at the same time, GVC system effectively reduce the ride the body of the body shaking, to achieve excellent ride comfort.