From the product level, intelligent and networking will turn the car into a mobile computer. After the traditional car factory is curing products, and the Internet era, the car can 'cloud' constantly download new features, become more Sensor and more intelligent. Smart network car will not only produce a lot of data on the car itself, but also as a sensor to collect massive environmental data, resulting in new value.

Just as WIFI is now the standard for many public places, the future of Internet functionality will also be the standard for automotive products. From the user's point of view, the Internet companies stressed that the 'user experience' and 'user-centric' in the traditional automotive industry, 'product first' thinking like a clean. Including unmanned, car entertainment systems Suction Control Valve and other new technologies, new features, in the Internet business catfish effect, will be accelerated in the automotive products.

Of course, to achieve this dream, the need for Internet repairers adhere to the beginning of the heart. Users will not because you are the Internet business to buy your car, on the contrary there may be because you are the Internet company does not buy your car, so the challenge is very large. Although debut enough stunning. As one of the most sophisticated and consummate consumer goods in modern society, the traditional automobile industry has formed ABS Sensor a very high technical and capital threshold in the development history of hundreds of years. It is no easy for outsiders to shake.

In the process of cross-border repairer, from the Internet of the new army who resorted to all the stops, forming at least three different routes:

Their own throwing the whole layout of the industry chain. Typical models such as music as cars, in addition to the global car R \u0026 D design talent, but also announced the construction of Deqing in Zhejiang 400,000 production capacity of the automobile industry park, a total investment of about 20 billion yuan. Due to funding chain and other reasons, the original high-profile debut of the music car has turned to low-key sneak, missed the Shanghai auto show. Music is focused on product development, manufacturing and qualification applications, etc., will be fully promoted as early as the music car LeSEE mass production. Control the battery, motor, electronic control and other 'three power' core areas, manufacturing links to the traditional car companies 'foundry.' As a rising star to the car, is to take this model. Last year in May, JAC announced and Wei to the car to carry out manufacturing cooperation. In April this year, Wei Lai Automobile announced that it will set up a joint venture with Changan Automobile. Because of the support of the traditional car prices, Wei to have emboldened the latest launch of the latest electric SUV 2017 listed at the end of the year.

Focus on intelligent systems, unmanned and other core technology, do the car giant behind the solution provider. Alibaba and SAIC co-founded the zebra car, has helped SAIC Roewe to create a red car RX5. While the unmanned Baidu, then released during the Shanghai auto show Apollo plan, the core is to the automotive industry partners to provide an open software platform. With the Internet business Speed Sensor for the understanding of the automotive industry more and more profound, its slogan gradually from the earliest 'subversion' into a 'cooperation.' The reason is that no matter what type of business, first or to build a car, follow the basic laws of the automotive industry, and then do innovation to solve the user's pain points.