Animated Christmas cards have become quite popular in recent years. Everyone loves to open up their mail and see that they have gotten a Christmas card from a loved one. That special feeling they get inside when they read the little note written inside wishing them a happy holiday and a merry Christmas. Knowing that they are loved and thought of during the holiday season makes their day feel that much better. This is, even more, fun when the cards are animated in some way. 

With the advent of computers and the internet, the cards you get in the mail have turned towards the ever present electronic greeting card. No more do you have to hunt for that perfect card in the store. Now, you just pop online and find it within minutes of looking. The extra special addition to this process is the ability to have animated Christmas cards

These common place cards are sweeping through the internet at a very high rate of speed. People love to get a Christmas card in general, but when they get to see the snowman frolicking in the yard as the kids throw snowballs at each other, it just makes it come to life. 

Animated Christmas cards are fun and have their own personal quality, letting you add that bit of love and happiness to your card that you couldnít do with more traditional paper cards. This shows the person receiving these special Christmas cards that you really care, and that you are thinking of them at this holiday time of year. 

Not only are they animated, they also have sounds and Christmas carols that can be played when the card is first opened. Whomever you send these cards to will enjoy watching them over and over again. They will probably invite friends and family to stand next to them at the computer to witness the amazing and entertaining Christmas cards that they have acquired from friends and family. 

What better way to say Happy Holidays than to send someone animated Christmas cards? Sure, a big screen TV might be better, but a Christmas card always gets a warm feeling of love and wistfulness that says that person was thinking specifically of them when it was chosen. 

Animated Christmas cards can be found on numerous sites and are a sure fire way to make someone in your life feel very special. Find one that fits that special person in your life, and have fun watching them as they open it. Feel the warmth you have spread into their lives for everything they have done for you.