Car fever is the engine temperature exceeded. The way the pot did not listen to the side of the friends mentioned. Water temperature warning lights really like the water floating key, that your engine temperature into the cordon, and do not as a 'amphibious' function. But now most of the basic car is equipped with water temperature table, the appearance of the times at the same time, the interior dial is bound to keep up with the rhythm Caixing. Real cool liquid in the engine compartment is very obvious, compared to monotonous gray sudden cabin, only the cooler is equipped with such a bright color. The engine temperature is too high because the heat is not good or the cycle is not good, and most of the daily high temperature alarm Sensor is due to the lack of coolant, and some words to add the coolant, not to buy a bottle of pure water can temporarily replace. If it is very serious, driving smoke have been boiled pot, and the cool car has no effect, then call the road to rescue, do not feel lucky hard to open back, then your engine is likely to burn scrapped.

   Although the winter temperature is low to help the engine heat, but does not mean that the engine will not burst high temperature, after all, the car is composed of thousands of parts, and the older car is more fragile, and occasionally a part of the aging damage Car with 'fever' is not impossible. The car because of the high temperature are to first insert 431 (car detection computer) to detect the water temperature sensor and instrument match, to determine whether Temperature Sensor the instrument is a problem, if not match and then check the water temperature sensor is not the problem.

  There are two types of water temperature sensors: one is to provide data signals to the water temperature meter; it is understood as an electronic thermometer .. one is to give the engine control unit to provide data signals; put him as an electronic switch. Its function is to cool the temperature of the cooling water into electronic signals, the second type of water temperature sensor transmission signal is more important, because the engine at different operating temperatures have different working methods, and change the working method of the switch is the temperature data. At 86 degrees below the engine to spray 10% more than the normal temperature of the oil, the purpose is to allow the engine to heat up quickly to reduce the engine low temperature wear. And the temperature rose to more than 86 degrees and then let the engine less spray a little oil, let the temperature regeneration of the slow children. So if it is broken, the signal chaos, the cost of oil or small, can not beat the car may also be some.

  Can not car a little bit of effort, a little fuel on the wash throttle, throttle that is very innocent, check the water temperature sensor is certainly the most easy, and so easy to make the old, if the replacement, the temperature signal is no problem, then You can confirm the normal electronic system. Water temperature sensors are generally in the vicinity Throttle Position Sensor of the thermostat, Passat Ling Yu's water temperature sensor is in the cylinder behind the three links. But different models, the location of the water temperature sensor are different, some in the water pipe, and some in the cylinder head ... ...