August 30, Hunan Chenzhou occurred a serious accident, the driver driving Sensor a Chuanqi GS4 driving in the G107 State Road section, accidentally hit the cement fence, resulting in 3 dead and one injured.

   The whole car has been disintegrated in the accident, the front and rear completely separated, the car parts scattered, the scene is quite tragic, the general serious car accident after such a body completely broken phenomenon is rare. Also for this, Guangzhou Automobile Chuanqi the overall safety of the vehicle was questioned by consumers, 'broken shaft' incident that fried uproar. In the afternoon of August 31, Guanghua Chuanqi official website formally informed the situation in Chenzhou City, Hunan Province, a larger traffic accident, issued fuel metering valve a document that 'after the site survey, combined with the location of the passers-by shooting video and photos, the initial judgment Is the accident vehicle high-speed side hit the cement fence, a huge impact force caused the accident vehicle from the right bottom of the threshold was cut, the vehicle was severely damaged.

  Recalling the development of Guanghu Chuanqi in recent years, it can be said that Fengshengshuiqi. Since the introduction of the first car since 2010, just six years to achieve the 1 million off the assembly line. As of July this year, Guangzhou Automobile Group sales of 112 million units, of which Chuanqi series of brand sales 29 million units, accounting for 26% of the Group's total sales. And Chuan Qi GS4 as a burst of hot models, 1-7 of the cumulative sales reached 207,103, SUV sales ranked No. 2, fully laid the Kwong Chuan Chi in the SUV sector status. On August 26, Guanghu Chuanqi also held in Zhejiang Wuzhen unprecedented scale of the new car market launch activities, the launch Temperature Sensor of the Guangzhou-Guangzhou GS3 GS7 GS7 and GS7 listed, causing a strong market attention, but unexpectedly stalled such a short time 'Event'.

  Whether it is the reason for the Guangzhou Automobile Chuan Qi, or all kinds of reports in the speculation of the owner drunk driving, speeding and other subjective reasons. However, the incident for the rapid development of the car Speed Sensor is also a warning, no matter how far away, plus more high-tech, quality and safety are the sword, ignored!