Equipped with GM's Chevrolet BoltEV electric vehicle driving test on the street. GM will also be one of the first automakers to produce electric vehicles with automatic Sensor driving technology. In the near future, we can buy and drive an electric unmanned car on the road. The US auto giant has already started producing 180 electric BoltEVs in San Francisco and Detroit for testing.
  With the help of automatic cruise, GM became the first car manufacturer to be equipped with an independent development program in the car. Last year, Fiat Chrysler assembled 100 hybrid Pacifica commercial vehicles, and then these cars were also transported to Google's Waymo automatic driving company used to test, and initially these cars are equipped with Google developed hardware and software. The General Electric factory Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor in Michigan produced the electric version of the BoltEV, and the installation of independent research and development of the computing system and sensors.
   The Chevrolet BoltEV electric car, which was rated as the 2017 model by MotorTrend, was not an ordinary unmanned electric vehicle. The car is equipped with multiple cameras and more than 40 sensors, and there are radar systems used to detect the opposite of the vehicle. The lidar is responsible for detecting the light and distance sensors at the top of the car, while driving a map of the front triangular area. At the same time through the car 10.2-inch display, a bird's eye to see the way the car's driving conditions, including the back and the car on both sides, but want to achieve this effect, can not have too high speed. At present, most Americans work commute distance is 64 km, so life do not have to worry too much. BoltEV has a mileage of 382 km.
  For autopilot, these cars use automatic cruise software, which comes from an automated driving company acquired by General Motors in 2016. Before the automatic cruise function need to press the button, and then through the dial or button to adjust the speed, so that the car at a specified speed uniform cruise, and we also need to hand to operate the steering wheel, but not in the continuous use of the throttle.
The same time as the above-How the driver of the car uses the system After selecting the destination, all driving behavior begins by the system. And for the general, the upcoming test of the electric version BoltEV primary task is still safe. Although GM has not set a specific release date, but has been confirmed in the near future, will begin Temperature Sensor in the United States on the streets of the shuttle. Sensors in automotive applications will support advanced driver assistance systems, which can warn, brake, monitor and guide vehicles, either on their way to the grocery store, on the way to work, or during long journeys. These systems, which are increasingly demanding, are the first steps to achieve full automatic driving.