August 17, Chihiro location and Tak Tak map announced a strategic cooperation. The two sides will jointly provide customers with 'high-precision map + high-precision positioning' integrated services. The two companies to Sensor develop integrated solutions to support automatic driving will be listed as soon as possible during the year.

   Gao De map executive director Wei Dong and Chihiro position CEO Chen Jinpei said that the two sides will conduct a comprehensive technical integration, and promote a series of joint development, to achieve high-precision map and high-precision positioning capabilities of the depth of integration, help the rapid development of automatic driving industry, But also become the future of intelligent travel system 'infrastructure.' With the continuous improvement of the level of automatic driving, more and more manufacturers realize that Pressure Sensor to continuously strengthen the vehicle to deal with complex road conditions, the ability to handle large amounts of data, you can not simply rely on 'sensor + control system' solution. 'High-precision map + high-precision positioning' of the depth of integration will play an increasingly important role.

  At present, Chihiro location based on the Beidou satellite positioning system to provide high-precision positioning services - thousands of knowledge has reached the dynamic level of centimeter-level positioning level. Relying on the country's 1450 foundation reinforcement station composed of 'a national network' and a strong independent research and development algorithm, Chihiro location in most parts of the country 7 × 24 hours without interruption for the vehicle to provide accurate stop, heading control Features. Gaode map in the field of high-precision map to establish a strong advantage, has completed the national highway high-precision map collection, established a 'self-collection + crowdsourcing collection' high-precision map UGC system and automated data production model , To achieve from the data discovery, scheduling, acquisition, processing Speed Sensor to the on-line automated process. An important part of the strategic cooperation between the two sides is to combine the two advantages to jointly develop a comprehensive solution for Tier 1 manufacturers and vehicle companies, which can not only help unmanned vehicles to realize their own precise positioning in real time. Timely and accurate understanding of the surrounding environment information, make up for the relative positioning of laptops and other low-based technology on the basis of a wide range of industry costs, to promote unmanned technology as soon as possible market. According to reports, the two sides co-developed products will be listed as soon as possible during the year.

   In contrast to previous projects that focus on individual projects, the high-German map and Chihiro is advancing in all directions, covering the data layer, algorithm layer, location service layer, hardware service layer and application layer. In the data layer, the two sides will be based on HD data collection and other aspects of cooperation to achieve more accurate initial map information collection, and based on cloud computing and automated system to achieve real-time update package system; in the algorithm layer, the two sides will be based on their technical characteristics, DR algorithm, multi-sensor fusion positioning algorithm to optimize, to achieve more accurate and efficient operation. In addition, the two sides will also share a variety of positioning technology and data, through the depth of cooperation with hardware vendors Throttle Position Sensor to jointly promote the hardware optimization, improve service levels. 'High-precision map + high-precision positioning' service will become the necessary basis for building intelligent transportation system. Gao Dezheng is committed to summarize all kinds of large travel data, in the cloud for comprehensive analysis and processing, to achieve the upgrade to the AI ​​2.0 era. I believe that thousands of locations to improve the positioning of high-precision positioning capabilities, the entire system will provide more powerful data and algorithm support, and further enhance people's travel experience.
  With the advent of the Internet of Things, 'high-precision map + high-precision positioning' service is the entire travel industry to fully formulate. In the future, China has at least 100 million vehicles, billions of mobile phones need this service support. Chihiro location cooperation with Tak Tak map will not only enhance the existing data analysis and processing capabilities, but also strengthen the various Pressure Switch types of data acquisition and update. The two companies hope to be together to become the Internet of Things era travel industry version 2.0 of the infrastructure.