National Intelligent Network Automotive Application Demonstration Zone from the official start to the present, just a month, demonstration area to achieve the first batch of cars settled in the test, demonstration of the stage goals. The first batch Sensor of vehicles stationed in Changchun Jingyue Qiming Software Park was held. More than 100 people from China FAW leaders, partners and media friends attended the event. This is the northeast intelligent network of automotive demonstration application of a new starting point, to the founding of the 68th anniversary of the ceremony, held a gift to the nineteenth victory.

  August 31 this year, the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Industry Application Alliance, the provincial and municipal government and China First Automobile Group Corporation under the leadership of the witness, the information from the construction of intelligent network of automotive applications (North) Demonstration Zone , The demonstration area will be the first in Northeast China based on broadband mobile Internet smart car and intelligent traffic application demonstration base, China's first cold area Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor of ​​intelligent cars and intelligent traffic test experience base, the first domestic Home to car companies rely on the construction of intelligent network of automotive application demonstration area. This demonstration distinguishes three phases, and designs 72 large scenes and 1200 small scenes. At present, the demonstration area has completed the construction of the first stage, and has realized 11 large scenes and 233 small scene test demonstration functions. At the same time support 100 vehicles for testing services, including two installed LTE-V technology based on the V2X communication equipment and Beidou high-precision positioning equipment, to achieve information, security and early warning and other intelligent network applications. Today, the first batch of vehicles stationed in the demonstration area has red flag H7, red flag H5, Pentium X80, Pentium X40, Senya R7, are from China FAW independent intelligent network type.

  China FAW as Qiming information 'North Demonstration Zone' strong backing, in the project planning, investment and construction, follow-up operations, etc. to give full support. China FAW Deputy General Manager Wang Guoqiang in the demonstration area after the ride experience, said Chi Ming information to seize the smart network car in the global rapid development opportunities, to carry out domestic and international exchanges and cooperation, strengthen the application of demonstration area brand and characteristics of the promotion. With the 'demonstration area' to develop intelligent city, industrial tourism and other innovative business, and strive to build a smart car Temperature Sensor and intelligent transportation of national and even world-class industry 'incubator', the North Demonstration Zone to create a leading, world-class demonstration area!