The vigorous development of the Chinese market in recent years has made it a fertile ground for the development of sensors. One of the hotspots in automotive technology is the development of standard automotive operating systems. Like a computer operating system Sensor that allows a variety of applications to communicate with each other, the car operating system enables different drive systems to operate in a coordinated manner.

  Sensor technology is the forefront of modern technology technology, modern information technology is one of the three pillars of its level is a measure of the level of development of a national science and technology one of the important signs. Sensor industry is also recognized at home and abroad with the development of high-tech industry, with its high technological content, good economic returns, strong penetration, market prospects Suction Control Valve and other characteristics of the world's attention. The more developed electronics, the higher the degree of automation, the greater the dependence on the sensor.

  Software is becoming a competitive weapon in the automotive market, and car buyers are usually concerned about such as horsepower, fuel efficiency and quality assurance. However, with the development of science and technology, the most important part of a new car is also the most difficult to see: software. If a side impact occurs, the sensor will record the impact of the door by the impact of deformation. Because the sensor in the impact, by measuring the entire door rather than relying on a fixed part of the vehicle measured by the deceleration (to judge), so in the Temperature Sensor event of a side pillar collision, the vehicle collided with narrow obstacles, or With the main impact point is usually higher than other vehicles have SUV vehicles collided, still able to achieve very good results.
  To the industrial control, automotive, communications, environmental protection as the key areas of service to sensors, flexible components, optical components, dedicated circuit as the focus of the object, the development of independent intellectual property rights of original technology and products; MEMS technology based on integrated , Intelligent and network technology as the basis, to strengthen the manufacturing process and the development of new sensors and instrumentation components, so that the leading products reach and close to the advanced level of similar products; sensors and instrumentation components is the most basic instrumentation and automation systems One of the devices. Sensors and instrumentation components with  Pressure Sensor a wide range of services, variety, demand and other characteristics, and its technical level and product quality improvement, will lay the foundation for China's manufacturing information.

  The vehicle needs to have 'wire-driven' capability, which means that all mechanical connections, from the accelerator plate, the drive system, the brakes to the steering wheel, need to be controlled by the calculated electrical servo system.