Alliance from the domestic and international wisdom traffic and car networking industry-related well-known enterprises, research institutes, institutions of higher learning, financial institutions and other units co-sponsored by Sensor car networking as a means to help the wisdom of traffic construction and development of innovative organizations, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Public Security, Chongqing City and other relevant departments to support the work carried out through the political and academic research work closely with the integration of intelligent transportation personnel, technology, project and market resources to innovation platform Cross-border integration, collaborative innovation, lead and enhance the wisdom of traffic and wisdom travel. Union in September 2016 in China Association for the promotion of production and research to support the start to build, from the beginning of the 17 units, the development of more than 70 units now. According to incomplete statistics, including the main member units in 2016 annual revenue of more than 1.9 trillion yuan, net profit of 309.2 billion yuan, the service coverage of the national super 800 million users, cloud computing, large data, artificial intelligence, intelligent driving and other related new Technology, new product patents more than 8,000, can be widely used in intelligent areas of traffic.

 The establishment of the General Assembly, by the China-made research and investment alliance and the wisdom of traffic network industry innovation alliance joint Chongqing industry to guide equity investment funds, China Merchants Bank Chongqing Branch, Jinan Branch and Beijing Branch, Beida Jade Bird Group, Xingyao Fund, Anheng Insurance The unit initiated the construction Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor of China Wisdom Traffic Industry Development Fund; China Intelligent Transportation Industry Alliance and the China Association for the rehabilitation of pain rehabilitation industry initiative for the national traffic to provide rehabilitation and prevention of epidemic prevention and treatment services.
    Wang Jianhua, executive vice president and secretary general of the China Association for the Promotion of Production and Research, said that the Union, under the specific guidance of the Ministry of Communications and Communication Information Center, set up the secretariat in Chongqing Nan'an District, according to the characteristics Temperature Sensor of Chongqing Mountain City and the demand of intelligent transportation. City car network technology engineering research center, through the car network, large data applications for the country to provide examples of intelligent traffic and experience.