Speaking of ultra-running, we will think of Italy Lamborghini, Germany's Porsche, France's Bugatti and so on, stunning appearance, super performance captured a car powder, China is not all the mass production Sensor of domestic super run, gas field completely Netherland Bocchi, Ferrari!

  2015, Ranger electric founder Huang Xiuyuan held a press conference in Beijing, announced China's first Internet model 'Ranger X' officially launched. Positioning it in a similar Tesla Model S pure electric super run! Power, equipped with asynchronous motor drive, the maximum 440nm torque, speed up to 16000r / min, maximum 367 horsepower, 100 km acceleration only 5.6 seconds, the maximum life to 460km.

  2016 Guangzhou Auto Show, Guangzhou Automobile Group in the auto show launched a new EnLight concept car, the car is a smart electric car, by the Guangzhou Automobile Group independent research and development, equipped with pure electric system and unmanned technology. It has the biggest bright spot: the use of wheel motor to achieve four-wheel drive, can be unmanned and manual driving dual mode, with Internet intelligence, subversion of the traditional car mechanical sense, the use of car 'eco-box' design.

  2016 Beijing Auto Show, Great Wall Arima launched its pure electric sports car K50 production models. The car uses aluminum alloy body frame, the use of carbon fiber to build the body, the vehicle weighs about 1900kg, using pure motor system, front and rear axle with Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor a motor to form a four-wheel drive, the maximum power up to 300kW, 100 km acceleration only 4.6 seconds.
 2016 Beijing Auto Show, Beiqi new energy research and development of the first electric sports car 'ARCFOX-7' debut in the public. The car using streamlined design, aerodynamic optimization, the overall body using carbon fiber to build a large area of ​​the spoiler, the power has been effectively improved. ARCFOX-7 with pure electric drive, the maximum speed of up to 260km, 100 km to accelerate only 3 seconds, its endurance capacity of 300km.
  2016 Geneva Motor Show, China's Tektronix Tengfeng super run brand, launched the first electric sports car GT96. The car uses gas turbine range of electric technology, the maximum power Temperature Sensor can reach 768KW, 100 km acceleration only 2.5 seconds, the maximum life of up to 2000km. Is expected to mass production in the next few years about 25 units.

  2016 electric super run Wei to EP9 starting in London, Tencent, Jingdong, millet and other six founders were a production model, while Wei to EP9 half a year to refresh the record of a number of well-known track hit the world, the car Equipped with four motors and four independent gearbox, the maximum 1360 horsepower power output, 100 km acceleration only 2.7 seconds, the maximum battery life of up to 427km.

  2017 Shanghai International Auto Show, the concept of the car as China's new force to bring electric sports car Model K-EV strong debut. With avant-garde design and new science and technology, can be said to be stunning audience. Model K-EV with a large number Speed Sensor of carbon fiber body build, 2 +2 seat layout, full-time four-wheel drive system. Equipped with Koenigsegg E-drive electric drive system, the maximum power of 960kW, 100 km acceleration time of only 2.6 seconds.

   2017 Shanghai Auto Show, SAIC MG MG brand development of the electric super run MG E-motion Concept, the use of family design style, the continuation of the London eye design, with a star-style front grille, full of science fiction. New car side lines elegant, very slender front, at the same time, the back of the body with a large size wheel hub, with a sense of movement. The car uses intelligent interconnection, equipped with pure electric system, 100 km acceleration only 4 seconds, the maximum life of up to 500km.