As a new model, which in the same level of competition is very advantageous. Its recognition rate and large data processing is not perfect. Changan to the A800 of these features to promote so cool, and after the high point of view is more toxic, more Diao, it is more difficult to fully meet everyone's expectations.
  This car did not fully meet our place. First of all, you think you have been very accurate pronunciation, but it will still appear Sensor a lot of wrong listening, and once mistakenly heard, it does not have a tolerance to analyze and listen to the needs of the operation you need. Then you will feel that it's 'EQ' can not reach the height of your thinking synchronization. For example, if you say 'I want to hear a certain song', it can identify and prompt the election song, but if you say 'listen to love will win', it can not understand you want to play this song; For example, after you say 'cold' it increases the air conditioning temperature for you, but it continues to ask for 'a little higher' when it does not understand. Engineers can not do it for their functional development is very practical, such as it can search for you 'tomorrow Beijing - Chengdu, what flights', but if you want to learn more about 'Today you need to pick up the CA4113 flight time is how much , What state, there is no delay 'such a more specific message when it can not tell you.

  These are the strengths of the supplier's newsletter, so I feel a little regret. 'Understand' and 'implementation' need to rely on large data, the need for more profound level of software development. I dare not question 'whether different car brands, different models carried by the HKUST Fei Fei product standards are not the same', because I did not talk with the system of R \u0026 D personnel, did not confirm this problem. For Changan Auchan other Guards configuration, I also will not praise one by one, but can not be completely negative. The reason is that these features are really very comprehensive, very beautiful, but it is difficult for me to take a unified standard to evaluate it - because in the past my assessment Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor of these functions did not appear in this level of the model.
  The good thing is that I think it is really strong at the same level, will make your car life more interesting, but also enhance the great convenience. It is more than competing models of car life more interesting, more than the grade of the MPV models in the multimedia easy to use, practical to heaven. But on the other hand I have to tell the truth - if you are sure to buy it, or have to put Temperature Sensor a good fantasy down a little, after all, a 120 million less than the car has so many cool things, the actual experience may not you Expect the gods, you want to allow it to create a halo and create a gimmick level.

  Auchan A800 all equipped with a 1.5T turbocharged engine, I test drive is 1.5T +6 MT models, the maximum output power of 156 horsepower, peak torque 225 Nm, its 6-speed manual gearbox for Changan independent research and development The The first impression that comes to me is the power and the power. Although the maximum torque to be released in 2000 or so, be relatively late, but the advantage is T power of the sudden sense of the rare, open comfortable. The second good impression is the clutch and the throttle is very comfortable, are soft and soft, and the clutch point is very clear, very easy to use. In addition to the steering is also a soft set, virtual position in a reasonable range, open up to relax and not nervous. While the former McPherson, rear torsion beam suspension structure, its support and shock absorption level to achieve my expectations, the overall performance of the suspension and chassis than the previous test drive some of its own brand MPV to a lot of advanced.

  Space also created a good job, seat structure and sitting feel also considered comfortable, the second and third row have air conditioning outlet, before and after the USB interface. Fly in the ointment is the seat material with superfiber, the summer will feel hot, but this grade of the car is almost impossible to find the leather, in my personal terms will be second to find the leather step stitching or weaving. Trunk volume of 349L, the overall rear can be extended to 3882L. Although this kind of cargo space has been enough to pull goods, but I have to say Auchan A800 car inside the sense of science and technology, the sense of grade so that you can not think of it with the pull truck together - even if it's all the LCD instrument is me Seen the whole LCD instrument in the most awkward one. Good fundamentals, ultra-full technical configuration, Changan Auchan A800 is definitely a good product. And business to do the whole, and strong scientific and technological configuration of the idea is very worthy of encouragement and praise - which allows more people Pressure Sensor to enjoy the technology configuration to bring the fun of driving. Think about the future will appear more and more original car to gradually replace the 'domestic cottage installed navigation', which is a very general upgrade the overall quality of China's passenger car thing.