In recent years, China's auto electronics market has always maintained a rapid growth trend. The rapid and rapid development of the automobile industry, accelerate the pace of upgrading the automotive products, consumer demand to the automotive electronics tilt, as the driving car electronics market growth 'Troika.' The domestic automotive electronics market has shown a good momentum Sensor of development. The popularity of traditional automotive electronics products is getting higher and higher, emerging automotive electronics products began to spread, accelerate the upgrading of automotive products, automotive electronics products in the overall cost of the overall increase in the proportion of the car.
The market was occupied by foreign investment

  Information required by the vehicle such as vehicle operating status, driving control status, vehicle control, operating environment, abnormal state, etc. are obtained through the sensor. As an important source of information for automotive electronic control systems, automotive sensors are widely used in automotive engine management, power drive and safety and comfort systems. The number of sensors and technical level also determines the level of modern automotive control system level. It is the Suction Control Valve electronic control system 'probe', the more used, the more comprehensive electronic car, the higher the degree of automatic control.

   At present, a domestic ordinary household car installed about dozens of sensors, luxury cars on the number of sensors up to two hundred or more, and its use with the development of automobile manufacturing level is still increasing. However, due to the overall low level of the domestic automotive sensor industry, a variety of sensors, especially high-level automotive sensors still rely on imports. Sensor market by Siemens, Bosch, Honeywell and other international parts giant occupy half of the country, while the domestic automotive sensor industry is attached to the automotive instrument / instrument industry slow development.

  Domestic automotive sensor production began in the last century 80's. As the start time later, until now, serialization, supporting the industrial system is still very imperfect. Some manufacturers and foreign advanced enterprises to use joint ventures to introduce some advanced technology and gradually grow and develop, but the vast majority of enterprises are still in a small profit, product single, low level of technology, poor reliability of the situation. Therefore, the domestic production of automotive sensor products can only meet the small quantities, low-level models supporting the demand, and many mass production Temperature Sensor  of cars, light trucks and some trucks used in high-level automotive sensors are dependent on imports. It is reported that the annual domestic high-performance automotive sensor imports up to 500,000 sets.

  China's automotive sensor products compared with similar foreign products, the level of difference of more than 10 years. Domestic enterprises produce crankshaft position, speed sensor has a lot of electromagnetic or Hall-type sensor, there is a low accuracy, poor decomposition, signal accuracy is not high, anti-jamming weak and other issues, and foreign similar products already The use of optoelectronic, effectively avoid the above drawbacks.

 Automotive sensor miniaturization, multi-functional, integrated and intelligent development trend of the use of new technology and the development of new materials put forward higher requirements. Sensitive, gas sensitive, force sensitive, thermal, photoelectric, laser and other sensors came into being, the sensor material from the metal into Pressure Sensor a semiconductor, ceramics, optical fiber and other materials. In these areas, the gap between domestic enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises is gradually widening. In this regard, lack of market, lack of research and development funds, lack of new technology, the three mutual restraint, resulting in a vicious cycle, the domestic enterprises increasingly serious disadvantages.

  The domestic sensor manufacturers do not increase the cost of pressure down, and the host factory is too difficult to contact. The traditional 'low price to win' concept, in the automotive sensor industry has long been impracticable. Foreign enterprises to improve the price of attention, making the price gap between similar products gradually smaller. In contrast, the host factory is more willing to choose the reliability of strong, high level of technology, 'imports.' Enterprises can not be based on the cost to develop the price, but to the market price to set the cost. According to the car factory can accept the price, pushed to the last, only a very meager profit. As a result, some of the days of domestic sensor manufacturers increasingly sad.

  Based on the vehicle must have a smooth, safe driving considerations, the vehicle braking system, for example, for the four wheels of the car control, in addition to the use of a large number of locations, displacement and pressure sensors and the general installation of explosion-proof deadlock brake system (Anti (Electronic Braking-pressureDistribution) (EBD), which can greatly enhance the stability of the rainy weather, snow and other weather conditions when driving stability. The high-end vehicle is further equipped with an Electronic Brake Assistance (EBA) that automatically detects the speed and intensity Throttle Position Sensor  of the driver's brakes when an emergency occurs and determines whether the strength of the emergency brake is sufficient, Once the need to automatically increase the braking force and enhance the performance.

  Many senior and luxury cars equipped with equipment and equipment are becoming humane, not only to highlight its status status symbol, on the other hand also improve the driver driving safety, comfort and convenience. For example: with the driver driving habits, height and weight, the use of displacement sensors and micro-valve control, you can adjust the seat, rearview mirror to the driver's most comfortable state and to record, but also take into account the driving the best driving Vision. But also the use of images, distance, ultrasonic or laser sensors, and then through the display, warning and other equipment to inform the road car information to facilitate the driver to reduce the blind and field of view deadline, to maintain the best distance and easy roadside parking control and reversing action.

   In the ride comfort, but also the application of temperature, humidity, air volume and sunshine and other sensors can automatically control the air conditioning system, in the car to maintain a comfortable temperature system, and the use of photometric sensors can automatically control the brightness Pressure Switch of the lights, but also the use of rain and The defogging sensor can automatically control the front and rear windshield wipers automatically.

  Airbag uses micro-acceleration or micro-inertial sensors to monitor and measure, it must be in the critical moment must be real-time, the right moment to open to maintain passenger safety, but in most of the time the balloon is in a standby state, Airbag ECU must have automatic detection, self-maintenance capabilities, and constantly confirm the normal operation of the airbag system reliability, to ensure that the airbag in an instant action to achieve the effect of protecting the driver.