Many countries around the world have to adjust the development strategy, in the new energy, intelligent networking industry to speed up industrial layout, to seize the new round of high ground, some countries have developed a stop production Sensor  and sales of traditional fuel vehicles timetable, the Ministry of Industry has also started the relevant research, Will be with the relevant departments to develop China's timetable, these initiatives will promote the development of China's auto industry environment and the rapid changes in power.

   This is the Ministry of Industry for the first time a comprehensive ban on fuel vehicles to position. Xin Guobin did not say how the progress of the timetable is now and when the full embargo policy will be implemented. News one, then triggered a strong response to the market. According to some countries in Europe and the United States currently developed plans, a comprehensive ban on fuel car prices may be implemented in 2025 as early as possible. China Electronics Information Industry Development Institute Institute of Equipment Industry researcher Xu Nan to the Economic Observer said that this time node for China is more difficult, China's huge, complex auto industry itself means a huge burden, the implementation of the double The points system should be a transition. In this process, the traditional car prices how to deal with the inevitable arrival of the new energy era is the most noteworthy. China's full embargo on the era of fuel cars will come soon, perhaps it soon - after a decade, maybe it will leave Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor a relatively comfortable period of traditional car prices - two decades or even longer. At present, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial revolution intensified, the depth of the Internet and car integration, automotive products to accelerate to the low-carbon, electric, intelligent direction, the car from a simple vehicle into a large mobile intelligent terminal, energy storage unit. Automobile production from the past mass production of water, to fully cooperate with the intelligent manufacturing forward. In this case, the new demand and business model to accelerate the emergence of aging and the proportion of new generation of users continued to improve, auto industry ecology and competition pattern is facing reconstruction.

    In the past, in the new energy vehicles, power batteries, sensor off, vehicle lightweight, intelligent, intelligent, low-cost, low-cost, low-cost, low-cost, high-quality, low-cost, Have to be further improved, if not a substantial breakthrough, it is possible to once again miss the strategic opportunity period. Europe is the first region to develop a comprehensive lock-up program for fuel vehicles. In October 2016, in the German giants gathered in the car, the Senate passed a resolution to prohibit the sale of fuel vehicles after 2030. In addition, the Netherlands proposed '2025 began to ban gasoline and diesel vehicles,' the proposal has also been congressional support. Britain and France are planning to no longer sell diesel Temperature Sensor and petrol models by 2040. Although from the status quo, the full ban on the time may not come so fast, but does not rule out the domestic new energy vehicles can progress quickly under the premise of the policy to accelerate the synchronization. Both of which affect each other, boost the new energy automotive industry to accelerate forward. Facing a new round of new trends, must be 'positive as a driving force.'

   In this process, the traditional car prices how to deal with is the most concern. At present, the new energy strategy has become the majority of the local car prices transformation of the core strategy, but also over the past few years these car prices spare no effort to open up the focus. Based on the new energy vehicles have become a global trend, in the traditional automotive field to obtain a leading foreign car prices are also unfounded. This year in July, from Sweden, Volvo has become the world's first announced 'phase out diesel locomotive, to enter the electric car market,' the car prices. By 2019, Volvo will only launch hybrid and pure electric vehicles, and by 2021 plans to launch five pure electric vehicles. Prior to this month, car inventor Daimler announced in Germany to build a new super battery factory, the future of the Daimler Group's brand of electric vehicles to provide battery pack, the new super battery factory Speed Sensor will In the entire electric strategy to play a pivotal position. From now to 2025 should be the most dramatic changes in the automotive industry for several years. During this period, the relevant enterprises to 'profoundly understand' this trend, timely adjustment strategy.

   For China's car prices, there is no doubt now a critical period, the general requirement is in accordance with the strategic plan of the CPC Central Committee and State Council, adhere to market-led innovation-driven, key breakthroughs, coordinated development, strengthen Throttle Position Sensor the overall planning, improve the innovation system, Optimize the development environment, deepen open cooperation and promote the sustained and healthy development of the automobile industry.