By the China Intelligent Network Automotive Industry Innovation Alliance led, combined with General Motors, Changan Automobile, Tsinghua University, Shanghai International Automobile City and other 16 units jointly developed Sensor the 'cooperative intelligent transportation system vehicle communication system application layer and application data interaction standard' On September 18 officially released.

   The standard is the first V2X application layer standard in the country, which aims to define the use of basic applications such as road safety, access efficiency and information services. When implementing various applications, vehicles and other vehicles, road transport facilities and other traffic Information exchange between the participants content, interactive protocols and interfaces, etc., to achieve the vehicle communication system in the application layer interoperability. The communication system can be divided into system application, application layer, transport layer, network layer, data link layer Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor and physical layer. The V2X standard mainly focuses on the application layer and the application layer and the upper and lower adjacent data interface.

   Based on the requirements of data exchange standards and interface requirements for different brands of vehicles and post-installed V2X systems, the release of the V2X application layer standard selects 17 typical applications covering three categories: safety, efficiency and information services. Forward collision warning, crossroads collision warning, abnormal vehicle reminder, green wave speed guidance, front congestion reminder, car near field payment and so on. This standard describes the 17 first-stage applications in six aspects: application definition, main scene, system basic principle, communication mode, basic performance requirement and data interaction demand. According Pressure Sensor to the different requirements of communication frequency and delay, The application was classified. The application layer protocol mainly includes the information set of information interaction and the data frame and data element in the message set, and the data structure and coding mode of the message.

   Based on the unified application layer data set, the standard developed an application layer data interface that allows the standard to be used in a variety of different transport layers, network layers, data link layers and physical layers to accommodate the diversity of communication technologies And sustained and rapid development. As the current domestic V2X communication technology there are different solutions - DSRC, LTE-V and 5G, so the standard does not limit the underlying communication technology, through the development of system applications with the docking application interface, you can make different Of the application developers to independently develop interoperability applications. (SPI) to interface with different communication devices ABS Sensor in order to realize the compatibility of the vehicle communication system with different communication methods or communication equipment and to meet the needs of the communication technology constantly updated.

   The standard to fill the gaps in the domestic V2X application layer standard for the domestic car prices and installed V2X products provide a separate from the underlying communications technology, V2X applications for data exchange standards and interfaces for unified specifications in the V2X application Of the development, testing, for the V2X large-scale road test and industrialization will play a catalytic role. Support a variety of communication technologies, with excellent compatibility and scalability, even if the mobile communication network upgrade to 5G, V2X application layer standards will continue to apply. Including car prices, parts enterprises, research institutions have begun to apply and test the standard. As early as last October, General Motors on the joint China Information and Communication Research Institute, Tsinghua University, Changan Automobile, Yanfeng Visteon and Shanghai International Automobile City, for the first time in the domestic autonomous V2X application layer standard test Throttle Position Sensor  and verification. The vehicle communication system also involves the transport layer, the network layer, the data link layer and the physical layer. The comprehensive standardization of V2X still has a long way to go.