The breakthrough in sensor technology is inseparable from the advanced development of process technology and applications. As the starting point of the Internet of things, innovative perception technology will accelerate the development Sensor of things and landing. From the core of the sensor layer sensor, intelligent perception of the arrival of the Internet era for the development of the semiconductor industry to provide another broad direction of development, the market needs a large number of sensors, analog, RF, micro energy and other devices. As a multidisciplinary high-tech polymer, the development of the sensor has many varieties, small batch, small-scale industry characteristics, and the Chinese sensor industry chain is not complete, regional uncoordinated, industry is not balanced, technical differences, System is not standardized, the market is not prominent and other short board has always existed, therefore, the development of China's sensor industry should also seek application breakthroughs, accelerate and large data, cloud computing, Internet of things, artificial intelligence and other technology docking

To 'application-driven, technology-led' as the core of the 2017 Global Internet of Things Industry Summit, it is in line with the trend on the basis of the 'association + exhibition' platform role, the hand of things big coffee, heavy launched more than fifteen The most popular fuel metering valve things networking topics, focusing on the core of the network, 'feel' in order to better promote the combination of devices and applications to speed up the field of China's Internet of things core technology and key product standardization.

MEMS technology, intelligent, wireless network technology will be China's sensor industry to vigorously promote the three major technology. In fact, the Shanghai Micro Technology Industry Research Institute (SITRI, SENSOR CHINA support unit) has set up 8-inch MEMS R \u0026 D and pilot platform, China's rapid development of MEMS ecological chain and MEMS common development platform Pressure Sensor for the establishment of the European industry colleagues to China The growth of the sensor industry has a full imagination;

Policy and cross-border exchange mechanism two-pronged approach: the gradual development of China's sensor industry still need to support the national industrial policy under the guidance of the formation of international real-time communication with the normal mechanism to promote research institutions, testing agencies, market applications docking ABS Sensor Institutions and other service platform construction, and further develop a good stage of landing program;

  Involving a variety of sensor products, the target annual sales of more than 200 billion yuan, and more than 20% annual growth rate of growth, the world's only international sensor industrial park - China 'sensor Valley' to form a ' Learning, research, use, service 'six-dimensional industrial structure of the complete function. Further clarify the next four key work, one of which is to speed up the intelligent sensor innovation center construction, reinforce the industrial development base. As a national policy-oriented national sensor industry association, SIA Alliance is also with the industrial chain cluster effect of the top exhibition SENSOR CHINA as a platform to accelerate the symbol of China's intelligent intelligent sensor innovation center building, better help China Sense of the industrialization of the floor.

  Of course, from the '4 big direction' to accelerate the localization of China's sensor industry is not overnight, to form a strong international competitiveness of the Chinese sensor industry, can not do without international Throttle Position Sensor exchanges and collaboration. The future of the German Chairman of the AMA Association, Mr. Peter Krause, has come, but small and medium-sized sensors and networking companies need strategic, technical and economic services, associations + exhibitions as a very important platform.