Harmony refers to the greatest natural understanding of the law of human development, but also the pursuit of good things or things to deal with the values ​​and methodology. In the process of sensor development and production of human beings have a higher pursuit Sensor of the sensor, hoping to achieve a variety of intelligent functions, through the sensors, MCU and actuators, and related software and algorithms to form a smart sensor integration. Its maximum value is the sensor signal detection function and MCU signal processing functions organically together, similar to the role of AI. To the hardware on behalf of the sun, the software on behalf of the yin, the two intertwined into all things.

  Smart sensor to become all things, we must understand the 'China's security sensor industry organization model to a clear division of the professional virtual IDM model-based; a group of Chinese enterprises with Such as the scale and technical strength, independent research and development capabilities to enhance the design, packaging, manufacturing and other aspects of a number of innovative achievements; core manufacturing technology lag, innovative products, product structure is unreasonable; China Intelligent sensor design company mainly uses foreign simulation Tools, core manufacturing equipment is almost entirely dependent on imports; China smart sensor research results conversion rate and industrial development stamina is insufficient, comprehensive strength is low.To achieve double goals, focus on the market and demand trends obviously become an important 'mission.' Auto ADAS Visual sensors, medium and long-range radar, ultrasonic, etc., to meet the wisdom Temperature Sensor of the family's energy-saving, security needs of the sensors, robots, AR / VR field of human-computer interaction and so forth, and from consumer electronics to automotive electronics, from industrial control to health Medical, sensors also need to continue to 'evolve' to 'complete.' .

  From the market demand to return to the origin, but also had to face the sensor market 'dilemma.' In the sensor market after the outbreak, brought the growth of shipments, due to technological upgrading, as well as opponents of the bargain, resulting in price decline, and thus shrinking profits, companies are ABS Sensor difficult to profit, the development of difficult. Although it is difficult, but also 'difficult', after all, the sensor is the future of things networking, large data 'carrier', it is important to find a breakthrough.
   In the industry recognized disruptive technology, in addition to 3D printing, nano-materials, next-generation robots and artificial intelligence, the smart sensor is also 'on the list.' Nowadays human beings are experiencing the fourth industrial revolution, the essence is from automation to intelligent, based on large data, the integration of things in the system will be used in large-scale production, and the most important of which is the smart sensor. First, shared manufacturing. Second, improve the process. To focus on innovation, innovation is to enhance Throttle Position Sensor the value of the origin. Sensor innovation is the integration of more sensors, the future of the biggest challenge will be software, and software is the largest carrier of the algorithm, in this area should continue to strengthen.