The activities of the German sensor technology Association (AMA), the Ministry of Industry and Electronic Components Industry Development Research Center, Zhejiang Province, the Internet of Things Industry Association of the strong support of Sensor a total of 26 Chinese enterprises on behalf of exhibitors, 45 Chinese enterprises sent representatives to visit Germany. During the German period, held a meeting with the German Sensor Technology Association (AMA), Sino-German sensor industry forum, the German modern beer industry production line inspection, the German Xcerra special report, IBM Global Internet of things headquarters exchange, BMW Automotive Industry 4.0 production line Inspection and other series of activities. This is China's sensor industry's major international exchange activities, but also China and Germany in the field of sensors sympathetic, hand in hand to develop the international platform to promote the rapid development of the two industries an important propeller.

   SUNGOR + TEST organizer Reinhold Rosemann, Honorary Chairman of the German Association of Sensing and Measuring Technology (AMA), Chairman of the Board, Peter Krause, hosted a welcoming reception and dinner with a warm welcome to the Chinese delegation. This is the first time that China's sensor and Internet of Things Industry Alliance (SIA) has led 90 large-scale delegations to SENSOR + TEST to open a new chapter in full cooperation between China and Germany in the field of sensors. Mrs. Reinhold Rosemann, Chairman of AMA Honor and Chairman Peter Krause, welcomed the presence of the Chinese delegation at the welcoming reception, as well as the current status, organization and objectives of AMA and the role of sensors in the development of the Internet of Things. SIA Alliance Deputy Secretary-General Zhu Jiaqi introduced the industry status and objectives of the SIA Alliance, the alliance through the member units and industry associations, integration of production and research Temperature Sensor advantages of resources, to promote the global sensor and the Internet industry, core technology and key product development services. Mr. Yang Xue-shan, Vice Chairman of the Ministry of Industry and Information Industry (SIA), Vice Chairman of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Mr. Guo Yansheng, Chief Engineer of the Electronic Components Industry Development Research Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and all the Chinese delegation attended the welcoming reception. In the welcoming reception, Hangzhou Mai Lok, Henan Hanwei Electronics / Zhengzhou Wei Sheng Electronics won the German SENSOR + TEST 2017 Organizing Committee issued the 'Ten Years Contribution Award', affirmed the two companies over the years in the sensor industry's contribution , The side reflects the domestic enterprises in the sensor industry's influence.

   With the development of the global sensor and measurement technology industry and the rapid growth of the Chinese market, China's sensor manufacturers in the industry's position has become increasingly prominent. The arrival of the intelligent perception interconnection era provides another broad development direction for the development of the semiconductor industry. With the deepening of the concept of intelligent manufacturing and industrial Internet transformation, the rapid Pressure Sensor development of Internet of Things technology, the wisdom of home, wearable products, intelligent factories, intelligent transportation and other emerging areas of the rapid growth of the market, which is a rare historical opportunity. The segmentation of the sensor will become more specialized, the sensor will be more intelligent, with the application and the increasing demand, bringing huge industrial opportunities.

   In recent years in the industrial application of intelligent, environmental monitoring applications in the market to open quickly, thanks to the new market demand for the promotion and development. From the China Intelligent Home Industry Alliance Secretary-General Zhou Jun, the system introduced the development of China's smart home industry, especially in the sub-areas of industry, in the Internet of things communications, sensing programs, data processing, cloud storage and other aspects of industrial structure and opportunities The China is the world's largest electronics market, China's sensor companies are also concerned about the overseas industry chain. Multitest / Xcerra as a world-renowned test program provider, its design and manufacture Speed Sensor of test equipment and materials, is widely used in automotive electronics, consumer and industrial areas. Mr. Andreas Bursian, Vice President of Xcerra, briefed the Chinese delegation on Xcerra's main business and industry awareness and introduced Multitest / Xcerra's solutions in the electronics industry.

At the special report, Prof. Joerg Amelung from the Fraunhofer Silicon-based Microelectronics Technology Park and the German Microelectronics Research Laboratory also introduced their MEMS development platform and process capability.

Visit the IBM Global Internet of Things headquarters, study the future of scientific and technological applications of cognitive networking, so that we get inspiration, opened the brain hole, see the new direction. In the important nodes of history, how to display the sensor in the system of their own value, it is the Chinese sensor companies need to actively explore the problem; IBM proposed Throttle Position Sensor cognitive network for users to solve the problem, perception, physical, cognitive computing will change We live in the world; sensors and Internet of things enterprises, through the upstream and downstream industry chain cooperation, work together to solve the problem, to achieve value.

    The smart car represented by BMW's new car is the product of the integration of electronic information technology and traditional automobile industry. The main development direction of the global automobile industry is intelligent and networked. With the integration of sensor electronic information industry and manufacturing industry, Reshaping the automotive industry ecology, smart cars have become the future development trend of the automotive industry, sensor-driven smart car new technology will also lead us into a new era of smart cars.

  The trip to Germany, opened a new chapter in the field of Sino-German sensor industry cooperation. I believe the future of the two countries in the industry, mutual benefit on the basis Pressure Switch of reciprocity will promote the sensor and intelligent manufacturing industry faster development.