I retired jan. 10 of this year 2014,  i  wet to my doctor my blood test came back high cholestro the nos was very high for my age  of 67,  i then decided after the doctor then in jan. told me if it doesnt go down by april he be giving me more pills to take i made a deal with him if i get it down by myself by April i dont take them i do not like taking meds. With Gods grace and faith April 14 my next blood test coming up , i feel comfortable i think i did it, i join  Curves gym  2 weeks so far , i join a senior  club call friendship they put me on a routeteen i have to write down what i eat in a journal measure my food. i also doing differnt kinds of excercises sometimes yoga but i have leg problems from last year ,  i feel much stronger , healthyer, i love my salads and other foods i need to lose least 10  lbs my height is 5.0 i cant add images i dont know how to paste and copy .Now spring is around the corner planning to do alot of walking and Curves more often. have a great day, love mar