Choose best hearing aid test

Of course a successful hearing aid test starts with a good hearing test. If u feel that any of the member of the family or the closer friend having some trouble in hearing. Then firstly you will have to go to the audiologist, so that you can detect which type of hearing loss he/she is suffering. If you don’t do this then it is very difficult for you to determine which type of hearing loss he/she is suffering. Because there are many types of hearing loss and the solution of these hearing loss is different. Firstly I will provide you the details about the hearing loss. There are three types of hearing loss.

1. Sensorineural hearing loss
2. Conductive hearing loss
3. Mixed hearing loss

1. Sensorineural hearing loss:- The most common variety of hearing impairment is thought as sensorineural hearing impairment. it’s a permanent hearing impairment that happens once there’s injury to either the little hair-like cells of the labyrinth or the acoustic nerve itself, that prevents or weakens the transfer of nerve signals to the brain. These blocked nerve signals carry info concerning the loudness and clarity of sounds.

2. Conductive hearing loss:- A less common style of hearing disorder is conductive hearing disorder, that happens once there’s associate degree obstruction or injury to the outer or tympanic cavity that stops sound from being conducted to the sensory receptor. conductive hearing disorder is also temporary or permanent, betting on the cause.

3. Mixed hearing loss:- Mixed hearing loss commonly occurs when the ear sustains some sort of trauma. It can also happen gradually over time when one hearing loss is compounded by another. For example, an individual with a long-standing conductive hearing loss might experience presbycusis as they age. Alternatively, an individual with sensorineural hearing loss may have a temporary mixed hearing loss due to wax impaction.

There are the possibility of any type of hearing loss in a person. Some of the symptoms should be there so that you can recognize that a person is suffering from hearing loss.

Listening to television or radio at a high volume
Trouble understanding speech, especially in noisy environments
The perception that others are mumbling
Difficulty hearing people on the phone
Often asking people to repeat themselves
Avoiding social situations
Exhaustion after attending social events
Tinnitus, or ringing in the ears

If you will use the hearing aid after taking the prescription from your doctor then it will be beneficial to you. When you will go to the audiologist it will detect the type of hearing loss from which you are suffering. After this it will provide you the suggestion regarding the hearing aid. Sometime the hearing loss is treated by the medicine or surgery. If the audiologist suggest you for the hearing aid.

Hearing aid is a device that is used by the people having the problem of hearing loss. It consist of microphone, loudspeaker, amplifier and a battery. It increases the volume of sound that enters into your ear. So that you can hear the sound clearly.

Types of hearing Loss:-
1.Behind the ear (BTE) hearing aid
2.Completely in the canal (CIC) hearing aid
3.Receiver in the ear(RITE) hearing aid
4.In the ear(ITE) hearing aid
5.In the canal(ITC) hearing aid
6.Body worn (BW) hearing aid

you will have to know some things before purchasing it.

2.Battery Life and size
3.Hearing Aid batteries

After purchasing the hearing aid you will feel better. Hearing aid provides you the clear voice and reduce the background noise . There are many hearing aids brand to which you can buy and HearingSol is one of them which one is most of time recommended by your local doctor or professional. So always go for better one because its about your heath.