There is nothing more satisfying than knowing that your worktops has a lot of benefits. That’s why Dekton obtained a lasting impression of timeless beauty and high quality function from a lot of home owners who trusted the product.

Dekton was created by merging the best materials in one compact surface. When the said materials were fused together and processed through a series of elaborate procedures; a new stunning surface is then produced.

Dekton is a tremendously sleek worktop that has exquisite hygienic properties. Since quality Dekton worktops are extremely non-porous; different kinds of germswon’t get left behind after you clean it.

Listed below are some of the reasons why quality Dekton worktops should be your next project.

Durability: Since it is made from a combination of quartz, porcelain, and glass; some would describe it as the ultimate hybrid of the best materials available in the market. This basically meansthat scratches,abrasion, tough stains, ultraviolet rays, extreme cold and heat, as well as thawing are apparently no match for Dekton worktop.

Low Maintenance: This material is also low maintenance. Unlike the natural stones, namely granite and marble, Dekton needs no crazy maintenance aside from daily cleaning using only gentle household detergents.

Scratch Resistant: This high quality surface material is tremendously durable and can stand up well to everyday use, even in high traffic areas. In truth, Dekton worktops can resist even your sharpest knives. It is currently the most scratch resistant surface available on the market today.

Stain Resistant: Because of the advanced technology used to produce this high quality material, you can be rest assured that the surface is prominently resilient to various stains, even the tough ones. In fact, it features an Anti-Stain Technology which makes it entirely Stain Proof; an exclusive feature that natural stones like marble and granite can’t attain, which is why they require to be resealed every once in a while.

The Marble Store specializes in designing and manufacturing the finest quality worktops for their UK consumers. Over 16 years of experience in responding to the unique needs of the stone industry made them one of the grand producers of granite worktops in the country. Now, with the trust of most consumers, they are now able to produce different edge details and finishes that will make most homeowners fall in love with their creations.