So you have made the big decision for your company – to hire a PR firm. Some of the most powerful corporations out there have these agencies working for them, including Branson and Microsoft. All of these firms are big proponents of the power of effective communication, and they all recommend that you hire an agency like this. However, before you make any decisions at all as to the people you plan on working with, you need to take a few tips to your mind.

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You Do Your Research and Check if They Did Theirs

One of these is research. This doesn’t just mean the research that you will do to make sure that your PR agency is for real, but the research that they do in order to determine what your target market is and other factors that affect your business. When you are asking different agencies with different skills and prices to be your marketers and PR officers, you need to cut the list down so that you can choose one without worrying too much. Bring it down to about 3 agencies, no more, and listen to their pitches.

When you have only a few agencies competing for the spot, they are going to feel under a lot more pressure to deliver their best. This means that they will spend a lot more time and effort on their initial sales pitch, because they know that the chances of them being picked is 1 in 3. If your candidates find out that you have been using a lot of different agencies as options, they are going to be less inclined to work positively.

Work With Experts in Your Field

You also need to think about the primary field of expertise of the company that you are planning on working with and compare it to the industry that yours is in. For example, if you are involved in a business industry like wholesale marketing, you are going to be working with a lot of retailers and department store outlets. To keep your clients happy, you are going to need a specialist in communication from one business to another, instead of someone who works in a different field.

When talking to your potential coworkers about the requirements of your business, you need to present it all as clearly as you can. This means that you become very clear about the objectives and goals that you have for your company, as well as the budget you have assigned to achieve this. Tell the firm about the different products that you offer at your company. Specify your target customers, and talk about your competition as well as any deadlines that you may have.

Finally, take a look at the person pitching the proposal to your company. If it is someone in senior management, you can be sure that the agency is placing a lot of their resources at your command.



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