So how do you pick the right Realtor to sell your home in Bayshore quickly? Why use a Realtor at all? Do your homework beforehand to avoid some common pitfalls.


Why you should use a Realtor

Nearly 90% of sellers use a listing agent, as selling a home takes time, knowledge of the neighborhood, and sharp negotiating skills. Before you and your Realtor even start negotiating, though, his/her main task is to help you price your property competitively and get potential buyers through the front door. Not all homes are created equal, so your Realtor will be able to price your home well only if he/she is up to date on recent sales in your neighborhood. The market is changing every day, and your Realtor’s job is to stay abreast of changes that you may not be aware of.

How you should choose a Realtor

Exterior of an American Luxury Wooden House

Just as not all homes are created equal, neither are all Realtors. A good Realtor will show up to a listing consultation having done his/her homework and with some sort of listing material prepared for you. This could be an overview of the market for the past three months, a tried and true marketing plan, or a look at recent sales in your neighborhood. He/she may recommend staging your home to help it look its best or offer the names of painters and carpet specialists to freshen up the interior. The point is, the Realtor you select should have a strong track record and a clear plan for selling your home. If your home is properly priced and marketed, you should have a buyer within about 30 days of listing.

The rest of the process

Once your home is listed, your Realtor will help you discern whether or not buyers are serious, and once you’ve got a buyer, your Realtor will negotiate the contract and repairs and handle the paperwork throughout the whole process. Depending on his/her experience, he/she will be an expert negotiator and help you get the best price and terms.


To sum it up, a good Realtor will help you set the right price for your home, market aggressively, and expertly negotiate the deal. It’s up to you which Realtor you use to sell your house; after all, it’s your home!

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