Tianjin FAW Chun camp currently has D60 and A70 two products, according to the plan, Tianjin FAW will launch a pure electric car this year. Chun camp brand's first pure electric car - A70E will be officially listed today. New car positioning Sensor pure electric compact car, in terms of appearance on the cash to send A70 to change, add more electric models design elements. Power, the Chun sent A70E equipped with a maximum power of 80 kilowatts of motor, integrated mileage of up to 280 km.

  Petrol version of the model based on the addition of electric elements, visual effects fresh; support fast charge, life of 280 km. Chun A70E in August last year in Tianjin Huarui factory officially off the assembly line, as the Tianjin FAW Chun camp brand under the first pure electric car, the appearance of the new car to continue the design of the Japanese sent A70, flying wing-type eagle head light modeling radical , To create a look of sharp and avant-garde feeling; intake grille position covered with black plaque, charging mouth with 'BLUE WAY' logo decoration. Under the vehicle under Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor the basic reduction of the cash meter models, banners blue painted highlights the status of pure electricity. From the side of the body, A70E in the public A-class car platform based on the forward A column, while the rear column C, as far as possible to expand the cabin space. The rear styling follows the cash design, adding the blue E-logo after the car name, and the bumper blue border, as the electric version of the model significant features.
  Chun A70E will be equipped with a maximum power of 80 kilowatts of permanent magnet synchronous motor, integrated operating conditions under the mileage of 280 km, and support fast charge, 48 minutes can be charged to 80%; with heat pump air conditioning system, Braking energy recovery system, from the 'open source' and 'throttling' two aspects to minimize the external environment Temperature Sensor on the energy consumption, to enhance the actual mileage. Suspension, the new car used before the McPherson / rear torsion beam semi-independent suspension, by the Mazda experts to adjust.