If you have been wrongfully fired from your job and you think that you are the victim of wrongful termination in Los Angeles then you have all the rights to file a law suit against it. To get assured of whether you are actually the victim of wrongful termination or what all you are entitled to in your claim against the employer, this article can be of great help for you.

The information provided below is from Los Angeles employment attorneys can be really helpful for you in pursuing or negotiating your wrongful termination law suit.

What is Wrongful Termination in Los Angeles?

Though not all the instances of firing can fall under wrongful termination, there are a handful of cases in which if you get terminated you can sue your employer over your wrongful dismissal. May be there are cases in which an employer can fire an employee legitimately, below mentioned are the illegal reasons for which an employer cannot fire an employee:

•    If you are past the certain age
•    Because of gender bias
•    Because the female employee gets pregnant
•    Because the employee is of certain race, cast, religion, ethnicity or nationality
•    If an employee is practicing his/her religion actively and it is not interfering with their job
•    When an employee is disabled and their disability is not interfering with their duties at work or needs a reasonable accommodation arrangement to perform job functions
•    If the employee has retaliated or filed a complaint against the employer for a valid reason
•    If you contract does not include the reason for which you are fired and prohibits employer to fore you for the reason they are stating

What all an employee is entitled to after wrongful termination in Los Angeles

Though it is always advised to connect with Los Angeles employment attorneys for any kind of wrongful termination case, there are certain factors that can help you determine what all specific compensation you can seek from your employer. The court of law has designed a set of general guidelines that a terminated employee can refer to when it comes to asking for compensation for the damages sought by an employee.

A wrongfully terminated employee is entitled to reinstatement of their position which you are unfairly denied. An employee is also eligible to get monetary compensation and receive severance for the torture they have gone through. You can even claim refund of all the monies you have incurred because of wrongful termination and the punitive damages that an employee has gone through.

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