You need to look for eco-friendly ways to clean your home. With the following guide, you can make sure your home stays clean with the best eco-conscious cleaning methods possible.

1. Toss the Toxic Chemicals

The first step in ensuring your cleaning is eco-friendly is immediately ceasing the use of any kind of toxic chemical in your cleaning routine. Look under your sink and remove all the unsafe chemicals, pesticides and other hazardous products you find. It is very important that you do not throw these away with the rest of your garbage or pour them down the sink. Place the toxic products someplace safe until they can be disposed of safely. There should be a site in your area that will accept these hazardous chemicals for proper disposal, and many communities also have annual hazardous waste pickup days.

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2. Use Non-Toxic Cleaning Alternatives

No matter what kind of cleaning task you need to accomplish, there is a non-toxic method you can find to get the job done. After you get rid of all the toxic cleaning products in your home, you will need to replace them with safe alternatives. Your kitchen is full of things you can use to clean your home the eco-friendly way. Lemon is a wonderful natural cleaning product that deodorizes, sanitizes and leaves your home smelling wonderfully fresh. Other effective natural cleaning products you can find in your kitchen include white vinegar, salt, club soda and baking soda.

3. Stop Using Paper Towels.

Using paper towels to clean your home is no way to be environmentally-friendly. You don’t want to mow down a forest so that you can have clean counters. You need to use eco-friendly alternatives to paper towels. Cutting up stained or damaged clothing to make rags is a great way to be eco-conscious in your cleaning choices. Sponges are one of the most brilliant cleaning tools you can use. They can be used over and over again before they need to be replaced. A great way to get streak-free windows is to use recycled newspaper to wipe off glass cleaner.

4. Learn from the Professionals

One of the best ways to learn how to clean well without hurting the environment is to take tips from the professionals. Homes that have been professionally cleaned look clean, brighter, and fresher. Here are some great tips you can use to make your home look like it has been cleaned professionally with the use of green cleaning techniques. Using pro tips allows you to clean your home more efficiently while still using safe, non-toxic cleaning methods.

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5. Conserve Water

One of the most precious resources we have is water, and it is being wasted in shocking amounts today. To do your part for water conservation, you should avoid wasting water when you are cleaning. Sweep instead of wet mopping whenever you can. Also, you should put mats out or take off your shoes when you come inside to reduce the frequency you need to clean.

If you follow these smart tips, you can keep your home spotless without damaging the environment. Keeping things clean the natural way will make you feel good and keep your home free of toxic chemicals. When you make the decision to be eco-friendly in your home cleaning, you are setting a positive example for your family and doing your part to pass on a better planet to future generations.