Clipping path is a strategy of using the pen tool to select an area of image or vector type objects. A clipping mask is a shape or mask that can be used on any images in Adobe Photoshop and adobe illustrator. When you use the pen tool to select or draw an area of the object is called clipping path process. After you have made a shape of the object by selecting an area with a pen is known as a clipping mask. Again some masks are readymade in Adobe Photoshop and adobe illustrator is layer mask. 

1. Clipping Path: The clipping path is used for removing a background from photos or images. You can use this trick on Adobe Photoshop or adobe illustrator latest versions. You just need to have some basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and adobe illustrator to learn about the differences between clipping path vs clipping mask vs layer mask. Here are some ways to realize about clipping path:

•Adobe software: You have to use Adobe Photoshop and adobe illustrator latest versions to learn about clipping path. The clipping path making ideas are only possible with the professional apps.

•Pen tool: You will find a pen tool option and you have to use it for being successful to draw a path. 

•Draw Are: The path should be drawn for the area that you want to remove or edit with a pen tool. 

2. Clipping Mask: The clipping mask is obviously the next step of the clipping path tricks. If you select an area or draw a path with a pen tool, you discover a mask in Adobe Photoshop or in adobe illustrator. The area selected position looks like a mask and they are in different forms for you and you can use any of them according to your need. Here are the ways to realize about clipping mask for a beginner: 

•Draw area: You have to select the area you have drawn by clicking on the layer and get a mask. 

•Click on Layer: You need to click on layer panel to create different types of mask in clipping path. 

•Choose Mask: There you will find different types of mask and you can choose any of them. 

3.Clipping Layer Mask: The clipping layer mask is nothing but a mask tool or shape tool that is used at clipping path. If you have professional adobe illustrator or Adobe Photoshop you can discover mask in an easy way. Here are the steps to find out layer mask and you can apply it to make a vector mask:

• Take a mask: You have to take a shape of vector to place it on the image that you want to mask. 

• Place it: The layer mask will be created as soon as you have placed the shape of the mask an object. 

• Cut/Slice: You also need to cut or slice the mask with the help of clipping tool to get layer mask. 

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The clipping path is the only manual trick to get mask shape from a raster or vector files. You will find the clipping mask an automated way to make a clipping mask for an object. Again the layer mask system will help you to make a shape or mask from raster or vector images that can be used as illustrations.