I have found many benefits to using virgin coconut oil for the past three years now. What about you?

I use coconut oil and that's the only thing I use on my face as both a cleansing agent and moisturizer. I also use it as a general moisturizer for other areas such as my hands. I also use it as a deep conditioner for my hair every one to two weeks. A spoonful in morning coffee tastes great, smells wonderful and gives the coffee a bit of a creaminess with "good fat".

Coconut oil is loaded with Anti-fungal and Anti-bacterial properties and Antioxidants as well. It is GREAT to cook with weather you are frying, making popcorn, or baking with it instead of regular cooking oil. It's a GOOD FAT no matter how you look at it. 

Once you try it, I think you will be a believer too.