There is little doubt about how Tinder has changed the dating scene over the past decade with millions of people using the app. Today, there are a host of dating apps that have taken the Tinder path, but some have significant variations. One of the more interesting of the Tinder Alternatives is Coffee Meets Bagel, a rather cute name for a dating app.


What is Coffee Meets Bagel?

Apart from the cute name, Coffee Meets Bagel offers a different approach to dating compared to Tinder which many find refreshing. The basis of Tinder’s direction is to locate potential dates that live in your community. Coffee Meets Bagel works through Facebook to find those who share mutual friends with you as their platform.

Although relatively new to internet-based dating, the approach of using mutual friends is quite common in the traditional dating field. Coffee Meets Bagel takes this approach and simply applies it to social media, such as Facebook, to achieve the same result.

Differences Between Coffee Meets Bagel vs. Tinder

Arguably the main difference is how Coffee Meets Bagel works in terms of putting potential couples together. While Tinder is based on location, Coffee Meets Bagel works by matching you up through mutual friends on Facebook. This unique approach is designed to create a stronger bond between you and your potential date. There are other notable differences between Coffee Meets Bagel and Tinder as well.

Female-Dominated User Base

There are few dating apps where the women outnumber the men, but Coffee Meets Bagel is one of the exceptions. It is mitigated somewhat by working through mutual friends rather than just location. But for those who have run into issues with finding women who also want to date, this is an advantage.

Point System

This system helps you increase your chances of finding the right person for serious dating purposes - One of the best dating apps for relationships. It is a system that shows who is more compatible at least based on their profiles so that finding someone with similar interests in dating is more obtainable.

Easy Navigation

Another positive point is that Coffee Meets Bagel has a user-interface that is one of the best around. Simple, easy to use, and engaging. It is one of the best Tinder Alternatives that can be found at least in terms of its usability. For those who have struggled with other dating apps, this is one of the best around.

Arguably the only issue with Coffee Meets Bagel, and it is a strong one, is that since it works through mutual friends on Facebook you might find yourself in an awkward situation if you decide to turn down a date. It’s one thing to not date someone who is a stranger. But when that someone has a mutual friend with you, it can be uncomfortable to meet them in another setting.

However, Coffee Meets Bagel is one of the better alternative dating apps compared to Tinder. It is best for those who want to have a serious relationship. And it is built on the proven model of working with mutual friends.