Leader 01 is Geely and Volvo based on the CMA platform to develop a new model, the new car to provide 'Yao, type, strength, pure' four design styles, and divided into two versions of Pro and Lite. According to reports, the new car Pro on behalf Sensor of the high configuration version, and Lite is representative of the low configuration version. In terms of power, the collar 01 will be equipped with Volvo Drive-E series from the VEP4 2.0T turbocharged engine, power super-Mercedes-Benz GLA.

    Leader to provide consumers with four different styles of design vehicles and configuration, respectively, 'Yao, type, strength, pure.' So intuitive models of information so that consumers can avoid the tedious configuration of the purchase, greatly simplifying the selection process. At the same time, the new car style matching also meet the needs of different consumers personalized. Leader designed a total of 12 rims, 15 steering wheel, 7 colors 'Rainbow night light' and a variety of decorative pieces. The collar of the exposure of the 01 Yao-blue Pro and white Pro two models, which Yao blue Pro models symbolize the pursuit of individual urban young people, breaking the conventional and highly creative performance. So the car blue body with a personalized black hit color roof, bring out the overall style of the car and fashion sense. Details, the new car used nowadays Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor more popular split headlamp design, the overall shape has a certain degree of identification. Tail is the use of a family of 'energy crystal' type taillights, modeling very characteristics.

   Type white Pro models represent the connotation and elegance, showing the excellent characteristics of the new era of the elite. The new car and Yao Blue Pro in the body size to maintain the same, are 4,512 * 1,857 * 1,673 mm (including luggage rack), the wheelbase 2,734 mm. Leader 01 is also equipped with strong red Pro models and pure white Lite models. Among them, the red red Pro models represent the movement and the limit, very suitable for the courage to challenge the limits of self-breakthrough young people; another pure white Lite models represent a simple and pure, the pursuit of minimalist, restore the real, simple way of life crowd The
  The VAC4 2.0T turbocharged engine, powered by the Volvo Drive-E series, has a maximum power of 140 kW and a peak torque of 300 Nm. Transmission, the match with the engine for the love letter 6-speed tiptronic gearbox. It is worth mentioning that the same level of Mercedes-Benz GLA equipped with the same 2.0T turbocharged engine, the maximum power of 135 kilowatts, the peak torque has reached 300 Nm; by comparison Temperature Sensor found that the collar with a high version of 01 models In the power output is slightly dominant.

  Will be listed in the fourth quarter of this year's leading grams of 01 will be the first to carry Bosch latest ESP 9.3 high dynamic version, thus becoming the first car industry to use the system of the passenger car. Equipped with Bosch latest ESP 9.3 high dynamic version of the system, the collar to achieve a variety of road conditions Speed Sensor in the better vehicle driving stability, with industry-leading 17 intelligent driving control function, so that driving more peace of mind.