In all known traffic accidents in the rear-end accident accounted for one-third of the total. Volvo, known for its excellent safety performance, has introduced a new collision warning system CWAB with automatic braking capability Sensor to solve the car rear-end problem. This new system can minimize the speed of the collision, reducing the risk of injury to both passengers in the collision. The collision warning system can take different measures according to the size of the distance

  Volvo collision warning system CWAB uses a very accurate warning system, that is, visual display visual warning. When the distance is too close to the car or pedestrians in the middle of the road, it will be warned by a warning light similar to the brake light. If the driver fails to respond to a warning, the system determines that the vehicle Suction Control Valve will automatically activate full automatic braking when a collision occurs.

  The collision warning system mounted on the XC60 allows the driver to less than 20 km / h at vehicle speed and pedestrians, and less than 25 km / h with the vehicle, to avoid collision. If the relative velocity is higher than 20-25km / h, the collision speed will be reduced by 20km / h. As far as possible to reduce the collision speed, reduce the damage caused by the collision. In addition to the Volvo CWAB system, Toyota and Mercedes-Benz have a similar pre-collision safety warning system, its principle is hidden in the front by the millimeter-wave radar, detection of obstacles in front, to prevent the possibility of forward collision. If the system to determine the possibility of a large collision, the alarm will be issued a reminder to remind the driver to avoid. The brake assist (BA) system will immediately enter the ready state Temperature Sensor to assist the driver in braking, thus giving the vehicle a greater braking force; when the system determines that the collision is about to occur, the front / Will also automatically reduce the speed.

   Mercedes-Benz security early warning system is called PRE-SAFE system, but the starting point of this system is to minimize the damage caused by the collision. The PRE-SAFE system is activated within 200 milliseconds once the vehicle is about to be collided. The system will pre-tighten the seat belt, automatically adjust the front passenger seat, and close all windows and skylights, to prevent Throttle Position Sensor the collision occurred when the foreign body into the car.
   Sensor technology is one of the important technologies of modern measurement and automation systems. From the development of the universe to the seabed, from the production process control to the modern civilization life, almost every technology is inseparable from the sensor